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Read 180 C

Read 180 C Vocabulary

Aspire To want to do or be something.
Circumstances Facts and conditions that affect a situation
Drastic Extreme and sudden.
Significant Important and meaningful
Urgent Very important and needing to be dealt with immediately.
Anguish A strong feeling of misery or distress.
Devoted To give your time to something.
Contagious Spreadable by touch or through the air.
Epidemic The rapid spread of disease among many people.
Impact An effect or result. The force of one object hitting another.
Internal Inside something, like your body.
Resistance The ability to fight off or overcome something.
Feasible Possible.
Expose To leave without protection. To tell people the truth about a dishonest person or event.
Infect To give someone a disease.
Estimate To make a guess related to number, anout or size.
Courageous Brave
Ambush To attack from a place of hiding.
Complicated Hard to understand or deal with.
Hesitate To pause.
Peril Danger
Ponder To think about carefully.
Site A place.
Reality What is happening for real.
Certainly Without any doubt.
Inscribe To cut or carve words or letters on something.
Peer To look hard at.
Intent To be determined to do something.
Intense Very Strong
Effective Done with skill.
Agitate To bother or upset someone.
Confront To stand up to someone.
Controversy A disagreement among many people.
Critic A person who judges whether something is good or bad.
Oppose To disagree strongly.
Offensive Causing anger or hurt feelings. Unpleasant.
Promote To contribute to the growth of something.
Restriction A rule that limits what you can do.
Detrimental Harmful.
Censor To remove in part a book, song, film that is thought to be offensive.
Accomplish To do or succeed at something.
Enforce To make people obey a rule or law.
Influential Having the power to change things.
Protest A public act or statement against something.
Register To enroll or sign-up to do something.
Segregation The act of keeping groups or people apart.
Federal Relating to the central government of a country.
Massive Large, heavy and solid
Sacred Religious or holy.
Demonstration An act of protest by a group of people, often a march or a rally.
Calculate To work out by using arithmetic
Compensate To pay with money or something of value
Moderate Not extreme; medium
Priority The thing of most importance
Strategy A plan.
Management The act of organising something.
Credible Believable
Compulsive Unable to stop or control.
Impulse A sudden urge.
Ignorance A lack of knowledge about something.
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