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Korean TTMIK L3-7

Korean vocab TTMIK L3-7

그리고 and
그래서 so, therefore
- 서 so, because, and then (v)
-고 and (v)
비가 와서 못 가요 it's raining, so I can't go
오다 to come
하다 to do
만들다 to make
먹다 to eat
비가 와서 못 갔어요 because it rained, I couldn't go
오늘 today
바빠요 I'm busy
비가 오다 to rain
바쁘다 to be busy
가다 to go
영화를 못 봐요 I can't see the movie
영화 movie
보다 see
바빠서 영화를 못 봐요 I'm busy so I can't see the movie
만나다 to meet
반갑다 be glad to see someone
만나서 반갑습니다 it's nice to meet you (formal)
만나서 반가워요 it's nice to meet you (polite)
공원에 가다 to go to the park
공원 park
공원에 to the park
책을 읽다 to read a book
읽다 to read
공원에 가서 책을 읽을 거예요 I'm going to the park and then I'll read a book
친구 friend
밥을 먹다 to eat a meal
rice, meal
친구를 만나서 먹었어요 I met a friend, then we ate
돈을 모으다 to save money
모으다 collect, save
돈을 모아서 뭐 할 거예요? you save money, and what will you do?
케익을 사다 to buy a cake
사다 to buy
케익 cake
주다 to give
친구한테 주다 to give to a friend
친구한테 줄 거예요 I'll give it to a friend
-에 따라서 according to -
예를 들어서 for example
이렇게 할 수 있어요 you can do it like this
이렇게 like this
계획 plan
계획에 따라서 according to the plan
진행하겠습니다 I'll proceed
한국에 가서 after you go to Korea
한국에 to Korea
한국 Korea
뭐 할 거예요? what are you going to do?
서울에 와서 좋아요 I'm happy that I came to Seoul
서울에 to Seoul
서울 Seoul
좋아요 It's good
와서 좋아요 I'm happy that I came
술을 너무 많이 마셔서 because I drank too much
머리가 아파요 I have a headache
머리 head
집에 있었어요 I stayed home
home, house
집에 at home
요즘에 These days, recently
요즘 nowadays
요즘에 바빠서 because I'm busy these days
친구들을 못 만나요 I can't meet friends
친구들 friends
열심히 hard (adv)
열심히 공부해서 because I study hard
장학금 scholarship
받다 to receive
장학금을 받을 거예요 I'll receive a scholarship
한국어 Korean language
너무 a lot
너무 재미있어서 because it's so fun, interesting
매일 every day
공부하고 있어요 I'm studying
아팠어요 I was sick
약을 먹었어요 I took medicine
지금 괜찮아요 I'm OK now
감사합니다 thank you
감동 받았어요 I was impressed
중국어 Chinese
더 쉬워요 it's easier
왜요? why?
영어랑 비슷해서요 it's similar to English
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