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Chinese Lesson 9

一年四季 yi4nian2si4ji4 / all year round (four seasons)
喜欢 xi3huan / like; love
季节 ji4jie2 / season
冬天 dong1tian1 / winter
tai4 / extremely; too
leng3 / cold
下雪 xia4xue3 / snow
可以 ke3yi3 / able to
滑雪 hua2xue3 / ski
游泳 you2yong3 / swim
一定 yi2ding4 / must; certainly
夏天 xia4tian1 / summer
re4 / hot
那么 na4me / then; in that case
秋天 qiu1tian1 / autumn
为什么 wei4shen2me / why
因为 yin1wei / because
所以 suo3yi3 / so; therefore
春天 chun1tian1 / spring
暖和 nuan3huo / warm
天气 tian1qi4 / weather
zhen1 / really; truly
跟。。。一样 gen1... yi2yang4 / as/same... as...
gao1 / high; tall
气温 qi4wen1 / temperature
du4 / degree
华氏 hua2shi4 / Fahrenheit
摄氏 she4shi4 / Celsius; centigrade
差不多 cha4buduo1 / almost; nearly
yong4 / use; apply
觉得 jue2de / feel; think
习惯 xi2guan4 / be accustomed to
总是 zong3shi4 / always
那么 na4me / like that
bi3 / than (comparison)
家乡 jia1xiang1 / hometown
大部分 da4bu4fen / most of
阴天 yin1tian1 / overcast; cloudy day
shao3 / few; little; less
晴天 qing2tian1 / clear day
经常 jing1chang2 / often; constantly
下雾 xia4wu4 / foggy
可是 ke3shi4 / but; however
下雨 xia4yu3 / rain
有时候 you3shi2hou / sometimes
刮风 gua1feng1 / windy
气候 qi4hou / climate
凉快 liang2kuai4 / cool
最低 zui4di1 / lowest
平均 ping2jun1 / average; equally
左右 zuo3you4 / about; more or less
重庆 Chong2qing4 / name of a city
蒙特雷 Meng2te4lei2 / Monterey
Created by: DanielSweatman



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