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P4CL Ch1


新闻 xīn wén - news
了解 liǎo jiě -understand;find out
预报 yù bào - forcast
dǎo - island
情况 qíng kuàng - circumstances / situations
一部电影 yī bù diàn yǐng - one movie
观众 guān zhòng - audience
入迷 rù mí - to be fascinated
播放 bō fàng- to broadcast; to transmit
连续剧 lián xù jù - drama series
mí - fan ; to be infatuated with
精彩 jīng cǎi - brilliant, spectacular
方言 fāng yán - dialect
忍不住 rěn bu zhù - cannot bear
què - but; yet; however; nevertheless; even though
打瞌睡 dǎ kē shuì - to doze off; to fall asleep
频道 pín dào - (TV) channel
传球 chuán qiú - to pass a ball
篮球场 lán qiú chǎng - basketball court
飞快 fēi kuài - very fast; at lightning speed
投篮 tóu lán - to shoot (basketball)
gāng - just; only a short while ago
设计图 shè jì tú - design/drawing
疲倦 pí juàn - tired
建议 jiàn yì - to suggest; suggestion
情景 qíng jǐng - scene, sight, circumstances
秘密 mì mì - secret
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