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chinese simplified

xi1 inhale, breathe
吸 引 xi1 yin3 attract, draw
吹牛 chui1 niu2 talk big
呆子 dai1 zi idiot, simpleton,blockhead
命令 ming4 ling4 order, command
和善 he2 shan4 kind and gentle,genial
善良 shan4 liang2 good and honest,kindhearted
sheng4 1)sage, saint 2)holy, sacred
压力 ya1 li4 pressure, stress
在乎 zai4 hu1 to care
chang3 a place where people gather togheter
jiang1 solid, firm, strong
坚 持 jiang1 chi2 persist, persevere
chui2 hang down, drop,let fall
ta3 pagoda, tower
sheng1 sound, voice
复仇 fu4 chou2 revenge, avenge
大臣 da4 chen2 minister
失败 shi1bai4 be defeat, lose (a war etc.)
妇人 fu 4 ren2 married woman
妒忌 du4 ji4 be jealous of, be envious
妓女 ji4 nu3 prostitute, whore
妓 院 ji4 yuan4 brothel
娇惯 jiao1 guan4 spoil child (viziato)
ning4 rather, would rather better
ning2 peaceful, tranquil
安排 an1 pai2 arrange, fix up, plan
安装 an1 zhuang1 install, erect, fix
完美 wan2 mei3 perfect
yi2 suitable, appropriate, fitting
bao3 treasure
实际 shi2 ji4 reality, practical, realistic
宣传 xuan1 chuan2 conduct propaganda, propagate
fu4 rich, wealthy, abundant
han2 cold
寺庙 si4 miao4 Buddhist temple
xun2 search
dao3 guide
jiang1 be going to
jiang1 general, commander
chang2 taste, try the flavor of
you 2 outstanding
jin3 to the great extent….
尽 量 jin3 liang4 as much as, somebody can do
局限 yu2 xian4 limit, confine, limitation
ceng2 layer, stratum
ju1 1) reside, live 2) residence, house
zhan3 postpone, extent, prolong
属于 shu3 yu2 belong to, be part of
gang3 hillock, mound, guard
qiao3 skillful, ingenious, clever
差劲 cha4 jin4 third-rate, useless
di4 god, emperor
gan1 1) dry 2) thirsty
xing4 good fortune, good luck
广 guang3 vast, wide,extensive
广告 guang3 gao4 advertising
开水 kai1 shuei3 boiling water
yi2 different, strange, unusual
引诱 yin3 you4 lure, seduce
引进 yin3 jin4 import, recommend
强盗 qiang2 lao4 robber, bandit, pirate
dang1 as, serve as,to be
录音 lu4 yin1 sound recording
影响 ying3 xiang3 influence, affect
xu2 slowly, gently
循环 xun2 huan2 circulate, cycle
微弱 wei2 ruo4 weak, feeble
ren3 tolerate
hu1 neglect, ignore
怀孕 huai2 yun4 1)conception in the family 2)be pregnant
怀疑 huai2 yi2 distrust, doubt, suspect
怀胎 huai2 tai1 be pregnant
ji2 impatient, anxious
恭喜 gong1xi3 congratulation
xi1 breath
消息 xiao3 xi1 news
ken3 earnestly, sincerely
e4 evil, vice, wickedness
bei1 sad, sorrow, melancholy
悲伤 bei1 shang1 sad, sorrow, melancholy
悲观 bei1 guan1 pessimistic
惊奇 jing1 qi2 surprise, wonder
惊讶 jing1 ya4 surprised, amazed, astonished
can3 miserable, pitiful, tragic
chou2 worry, be anxious
愿望 yuan4 wang4 desire, wish, aspiration
zhan4 war, warfare, battle, fight
扁豆 bian3 dou4 kidney bean
手艺 shou3 yi4 craftsmanship, workmanship
扑空 pu1 kong1 to fail to achieve, what one want
reng1 throw, toss, cast
扔掉 reng1 diao4 throw away
弄 掉 nong1 diao4 throw away
yang2 raise, throw
打扰 da rao3 harass, trouble
技术 ji4 shu4 technology, skill, technique
把握 ba3 wo4 confidence
dou3 tremble, shiver, quiver
qiang3 rob, lot, snatch, lot
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