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Fund 2 Unit 3 Vocab

Stack #3253767

Lethargy Lacks energy, tired
Emaciated Underweight, undernourished
Oozing Small amounts
Anorexia Loss of appetite
Dysphagia Difficulty swallowing
Gingivitus Inflammation of the gums
Eructation Belch
Hematemesis Bloody vomitus
Vertigo Dizziness
Cerumen Earwax
Tinnitus Ringing in the ears
Alopecia A sense of hair, baldness
Ptosis Drooping eyelids
Euphoria Unrealistically happy
Apathy Failure to take interest
Hematuria Bloody urine
Hemiplegia Unable to move half of the body
Diaphoresis Excessive perspiration
Asphyxia Suffocation
Paroxysmal Periodic
Hemoptysis Bloody sputum
Epistaxis Nosebleed
Coryza Water drainage from nose
Petechiae Pinpoint purple skin spots
Ecchymoses Bruises
Pruritus Itching
Vesicle Raised area, blister
Tenacious Thick and sticky
Purulent Drainage with pus
Serosanguineous Watery blood
Copious, profuse Large amounts
Syncope Fainting
Urticaria Hives
Prophylactic Preventive
Palliative Giving temporary relief, not curing
Created by: bvjklolita2015