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Chinese Lesson 11

春节 Chun1jie2 / Spring Festival
计划 Ji4hua4 / plan (v./n.)
外地 Wai4di4 / out of town
旅游 lü3you2 / tour (v./n.)
郊外 jiao1wai4 / suburbs; outskirts
飞机 fei1ji1 / airplane
又。。。又。。。 you4...you4... / both...and...
kuai4 / fast
舒服 shu1fu / comfortable
长途 chang2tu2 / long distance (call, trip)
旅行 lü3xing2 / travel (v./n.)
lei4 / tired
参加 can1jia1 / join
旅行团 lü3xing2tuan2 / tourist group
ding4 / reserve (tickets, seats)
piao4 / ticket
gei3 / give; for; to (v. /prep.)
旅行社 lü3xing2 she4 / travel agency
打(电话) da3 / make (phone call)
如果 ru2guo3 / if
帮忙 bang1mang2 / help
告诉 gao4su / tell
听说 ting1shuo1 / be told; hear of
hong2 / red
ye4 / leaf
游览 you2lan3 / go sightseeing; visit
名胜 ming2sheng4 / famous scenic spots
古迹 gu3ji1 / historical sights
爬山 pa2shan1 / climb a mountain
看到 kan4dao4 / catch sight of; see
cheng2 / city
景色 jing3se4 / scene; landscape
yuan3 / far; remote
大约 da4yue1 / approximately
公里 gong1li3 / kilometer
怎么 zen3me / how
校车 xiao4che1 / school bus
出发 chu1fa1 / leave, depart
附近 fu4jin4 / nearby; close to
下次 xia4 ci4 / next time
放暑假 fang4shu3jia4 / have a summer vacation
暑假 shu3jia4 / summer vacation
放假 fang4jia4 / have a vacation
公园 gong1yuan2 / park
mei3 / beautiful
ji2 / extremely
路上 lu4shang / on the way
旅馆 lü3guan3 / hotel
方便 fang1bian4 / convenient
便宜 pian2yi / cheap; inexpensive
网上 wang3shang / on the internet
价钱 jia4qian / price
比较 bi3jiao3 / relatively; comparatively
自己 zi4ji3 / oneself
苏州 Su1zhou1 / a city in Jiangsu province
杭州 Hang2zhou1 / a city in Zhejiang province
香山 Xiang1shan1 / Fragrant Hill
华盛顿 Hua2sheng4dun4 / Washington
黄石公园 Huang2shi2gong1yuan2 / Yellowstone Park
zhou1 / continent
聊天 lao2tian1 / chat
客人 ke4ren2 / guest
自由 ziyou / free
出去 chu1qu4 / go out
地方 di4fang1 / local place
白天 bai1tian1 / daytime
Created by: DanielSweatman



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