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Geo Stack

Some geography terms!

globe a scale model of Earth
map symbolic representation of all or part of the planet. Shows small areas in great detail
cartographers mapmakers
great circle an imaginary line that follow the curve of the earth
great circle route traveling along a great circle
physical map shows the location and topography of the earth's physical features
topography shape of the earth
Physical Map: Water Features physical maps show rivers, streams, lakes, and other water features
Physical Map:Landforms physical maps may show landforms such as mountains, plains, plauteaus, and valleys
Relief the differences in elevation
Elevation height
Political Map shows the boundaries and locations of political units such as countries,states, counties, cities, and towns. Many features depicted on a political map are human-made
Human-made determined by humans rather than nature
Thematic maps maps that emphasize a single idea of a particular kind of information about an area
Qualitive maps maps that use color, symbols, lines, or dots to show information related to a specific area
Flow-line maps maps that illustrate the movement of people, animals, goods, and ideas, as well as physical processes like hurricanes and glaciers
Created by: phoenix1901