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HC Locations

Mandarin Hello Chinese Locations

go to
学校 Xué xiào school
Xué learn
公司 Gōng sī company
Gōng public
超市 Chāo shì supermarket
Chāo ultra
Shì market, city
Fàn rice
饭馆 Fàn guǎn restaurant
Guǎn place
商店 Shāng diàn store
Chǎng field
Diàn shop
Shāng trader
机场 Jī chǎng airport
医院 Yī yuàn hospital
Zài is located at
Yuàn yard
哪里? Nǎ lǐ where?
Qián before
前边 Qián biān front side
Biān side
Hòu rear
后边 Hòu biān behind, back side
公园 Gōng yuán park
Yuán garden
Jiǔ liqueur
酒店 Jiǔ diàn hotel
Yǒu have
Shì is
Chī eat
Jiā family, home
厕所 Cè suǒ bathroom
银行 Yín háng bank
Yín silver
附近 Fù jìn nearby
Jìn near
纽约 Niǔyuē New York
上海 Shànghǎi Shanghai
北京 Běijīng Beijing
伦敦 Lúndūn London
Jīng capital
Shàng on
Hǎi sea, ocean
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