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Mr.Day geo

geography questions for exam

globe a sphericall representation of the Earth.
map a representation, usually on a flat surface, of the whole or part of an area
The Great Circle Rout an imaginary line that follows the curve on the Earth & represents the shortest distance between 2 places.
Map projection A mathematical formula used to represent the curved surface on the Earth.
grid system pattern formed as the lines of latitude and longitude cross one another.
absolute location the exact position of a place on the Earth's surface.
compass rose a map tool that indicates direction
atlas book of maps
asteriods any small celestial bodies that revolve around the sun.
comets made of icy dust particles and frozen gases.
meteoriods pieces of space debree.
hydrosphere water based part of the Earth.
lithosphere makes up Earth's crust.
atmosphere The air around us that we breathe.
biosphere the part of Earth that supports life.
mantle makes up middle layer of Earth. made of hot, dense rock.
crust surface of Earth. The very top layer.
Continental drift theory that the continents were once connected.
Pangea landmass that existed when continents were joined.
Plate tectonics makes up Earth's physical features.
subduction process that helps the production of volcanic mountains
spreading process that pulls apart sea plates. Allows magma to come between plates.
folding bends in layer of rock that makes cracks in Earth's crust.
Vulcan Roman God of Fire.
vulcanology scientific name for study of volcanoes.
crater the indent on the surface of Earth made by a volcano.
magma multen rock under Earth's surface.
lava multen, fluid rock that comes out of a volcano during an eruption.
demography study of the populations
birth rate the # of births every year for every 1000 people.
death rate the # of rates per year for every 1000 people
doubling line # of years it takes population to double in size.
zero population growth when birth and death rates are eaqual.
negative population growth annual death rate exceeds annual birth rate.
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