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Branches of Science

Biology study of living things
Zoology study of animals
Botany study of plants
Acarology study of mites and ticks
Acoustics study of sound
Anatomy study of the structure of the body
Anemology study of the wind
Apiology study of bees
Arachnology study of arachnids, i.e. spiders
Astacology study of crayfish
Bryology study of mosses and liverworts
Cardiology study of the heart
Carpology study of fruit
Cetology study of whales and dolphins
Coleopterology study of beetles and weevils
Conchology study of shells
Cynology study of dogs
Dendrology study of trees
Ecology study of the interactions between organisms and their environment
Entomology study of insects
Epidemiology study of diseases and their transmission
Exobiology study of extraterrestrial (alien) life
Geology study of rocks and earth's crust
Graphology study of handwriting
Helminthology study of worms
Herpetology study of reptiles and amphibians
Hippology study of horses
Ichthyology study of fish
Kinesiology study of human movement and posture
Limacology study of slugs
Meteorology study of the atmosphere and weather
Microbiology study of microscopic organisms
Mycology study of fungi
Myrmecology study of ants
Neurology study of the nervous system
Oology study of eggs
Ornithology study of birds
Parasitology study of parasites
Phrenology study of the bumps on a head
Rhinology study of the nose
Seismology study of earthquakes
Telmatology study of swamps
Toxicology study of poisons
Trichology study of hair and hair disorders
Virology study of viruses
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