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Unit 2

Bell ringer

What are my five expectation buzz words? Respectful, ownership, leadership, no negativity, trustworthy
How many days will late work be accepted? One day
where will resources be posted if you are going to be online schooling ? classroom
What is the purpose of the diaphragm in a microscope? Controls the light
If the eyepiece of a microscope has a magnification 10x and the objective lens you use magnifies the object by 4x. What is the total magnification? 40x magnification
What is an independent variable? The scientist can change
Wha is the difference between qualitative data and quantitive data? Something observed vs. something measured
What was wrong with Needham's experiment? Did not boil the broth
What are the eight characteristics of life? Genetic Code/Heredity, Growth/Development, Respond to stimuli/Environment, Cellular Organization, Reproduction, Homeostasis, Obtain Food/Use Energy, Groups evolve over time.
what is the different between prokaryotic and eukaryotic call? DNA is floating in the prokaryotic cell
What does it mean when the cell membrane is selectively permeable? Control what goes in and out of the cell
What is the cell membrane made of? 5 layers of phospholipid lipids, proteins
What is Facilitated diffusion?
What is the molecule used for energy?
How is energy released from the energy molecule?
What molecule is fixed to RuBP to make Rubisco ? Co2
What molecule is needed to created by the calvin cycle to make glucose?
How did Lamarck believe traits were passed of to offspring? Believe traits were passed during it's lifetime
How did Darwin believe traits were passed of to offspring? He believed traits were passed through the offspring
what does it mean to be "fit" from an evolutionary standpoint? To be able to survive in their environment.
what are 4 types of isolation that leads to species ecological, temporal, behavioral, geographical.
What is natural selection? Gaining more favorable traits, which ones are best to survive.
Created by: Xitlalic
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