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REHS District 4

All Questions

Treatment of individuals with communicable diseases is administered primarily to... Protect contacts in the community
A disease that us resent constantly to some degree and may flare up at times is best described as... Endemic
Swimmer's itch is a colloquial term for.... cutaneous schistosomiasis
The bacterial contamination of oysters and shellfish is increasing due to what primary factor? an increase of dumping of municipal wastewater into coastal waters.
Name a foodbourne illness caused by a helminth trichinosis
A PROTOZOAN disease that has been demonstrated to spread through drinking water. giardiasis
What is the most practical method to employ in the prevention of ancylostomiasis (hookworm) in a rural area? Wear shoes
A genera of mosquito o normally found in the United States. Mansonia
The word Pathogen is best defined as... an organism able to produce disease in humans
Brucellosis (Undulant fever, Malta fever, Mediterranean fever, Bangs disease) is not caused by Brucelle verona
Untreated surface disposal of residential sewage is most likely to be the cause of... hepatitis
Bacterial growth in foods is time and temperature dependent. The danger zone for bacterial growth is ____ degrees Fahrenheit. 45-140
Under optimal summer temperatures, maturation times of fly eggs to adults? 7-10 days
Disease that is transmitted through rodent urine and subsequently through food and water. leptospirosis
___ are the most important contributors to community wide noise. Motor Vehicles
Carbon monoxide is a by-product of incomplete coombustion and is a known toxic gas. Its MOST important accute health effect is as a(n)... myocardial toxin
Damage to cells by radiation is... not irreparable
Best example of non-ionizing radiation. Microwaves
Rocky mountain spoted fever caused by... ticks
The greatest amount of sulfur oxide emissions is accounted for by ____ as a source category. coal combustion
Methamoglobinemia is associated with an excess of _____ in drinking water and foods. Nitrates
Which foreign substances constitute the MOST signifigant health hazards to consumers in milk? pesticides and antibiotics
The decibel (dB) is defined as? The logarithm of the ratio between a particular sound pressure and the lowest decibel pressure
Endemic typhus fever is passed on to humans through... feces and fleas
In an occupational setting the most significant route of entry of toxic agents affecting the human body is the _____. respiratory system
It is not possible for children to contract lead poisoning through... inhaling paint vapors.
The decrease in incident of infectious disease in humans is due mostly to ____ rather than artificial immunization. Environmental Sanitation
5 basic types of isolation for infection control are... Enteric, Respiratory, Strict, Wound & Skin, and Protective
The most irreparable consequence of poor sanitary landfill management is... Groundwater contamination
In general, the most economically feasible method of refuse disposal is... Sanitary landfilling
Communicable disease control measures aimed at pathogenic organisms are difficult because because... pathogenic organisms seldom exist in the free state.
The isolation of of infected persons for the period of communicability under conditions designed to prevent the spread of disease is known as... quarentine
What is the most important method used to prevent mechanical transmissions of disease by domestic flies? Proper water collection and disposal methods.
The annular space between the casing in the drilled or dug hole of a well must be... filled with cement grout so it is watertight
The least acceptable form of substitution to control a hazard in the work environment is the substitution of ... an employee
In restaurant sanitation, the recommended sequence in hand dishwashing is... scrape - pre-rinse - wash - rinse - sanitize - drain - store.
The most common way to raise the pH of swimming pool is to add... sodium carbonate
What type of discharge would be given the highest priority? a large effluent with an untreated discharge.
The single MOST important control measure for microbial foodbourne disease is ... Proper temperature control of potentially hazardous foods.
Inceneration should be considered instead of landfilling for solid waste disposal when... land is not readily available.
Improperly processed linens in nursing homes and other institutions may be a factor in the spread of what? shigellosis
When installing a wastewater disposal system in the presence of high groundwater, the best system to use is... Mound
When swimming pool walls become slimy or spotted from algae, what is the recommended method of contol? Empty and scrub with 5% chlorine.
When natural waters are used for bathing, schistosome dermatitis is controlled by the removal of what? snails
An approved agent for sanitizing a food contact surface. an aqueous solution of of n-alkyl benzyl dimethylammonium chloride
The soil type with the most satisfactory permeability for onsite wastewater disposal would be... well graded sands,gravelly sands, and little or no nines.
The primary objective of the use of chlorine for water treatment is to... destroy all pathogens
Which treatment device generally produces effluent with the lowest suspended solids? An aeration unit.
What is the method of choice in controlling mosquito larvae in a farm pond? Stocking and maintenance of Gambusia (fish) provided the pond is deep enough for overwintering.
If asbestos is suspected in a public building, what would be the MOST sensible thing to do FIRST in tackling the problem? Document the presence of asbestos by by microscopic analysis.
In environmental planning of an urban area, what information is most vital when deciding if septic and wells can be present? The size of the lot.
Community noise problems can best be prevented by? developing and implementing land use plans for noise compatibility.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the governing agency for... National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Which amendment in the constitution applies to the requirements of a search warrant? 4th Amendment
Under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, how should one give out a requested file? A written request from the requester
An environmental health agency's informal administrative actions must be.. established with proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
Rules, standards, and regulations issued by a board of health are considered to be what type of law? administrative
With adulterated food, what are the enforcement alternatives in ASCENDING order? Embargo -> Seizure -> Destruction
The most effective legal remedy for getting an offending party to correct the imminent health health hazard is? An Injunction
What is an example of a Violation Order? Cease and Desist
Citizen groups and industries aggrieved by regulatory action should first do what? Exhaust administrative remedies.
EH staff occasionally take part in court in their official capacity as what? Expert witness
The hearsay rule state that what? may not testify to an observation made by someone else, and not by themselves.
A health department may be protected from liability by... Sovereign Immunity
Under negligence law, a sanitarian owes the public a duty to... act as a reasonable person.
Misfeance wrong doing
The use of private property is unrestricted just as long as it does not injure another person or property. This principle is called... the law of nuisances
Environmental Impacts Statements are required by which federal act? National Environmental Policy Act
The National Primary Drinking Water Regulation does not require water testing for what? viruses
What publication should be studied in order to determine to study the occurrence or increase in of communicable disease? Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
The National Sanitation Foundation seal is seen as a sign that an article is what? Compliant with Public Health Standards
A device used in air testing air pollution by seperating particles by causing the gas stream to make sudden changes in direction and passing through the equipment is called a _____. Impinger
Light traps and carbon dioxide traps are usually used in the capture of what mosquito? Culex tarsalis
A person who evaluates sites for on-lot wastewater disposal would most likely use a(n) _____. Auger
An electrostatic precipitation is used to remove undesirable particles from where> The air
A water sample bottle may contain sodium thiosulfate crystals to ______. neutralize and chlorine present.
Total suspended particulates are routinely monitored by what? hi-vol filters
Performance of an unauthorized act in an unauthorized manner is called ____. Malfeasance
Which group of bacteria typically contains the most kinds of bacteria? Mesophillic
Which type of well is least likely to become contaminated? Drilled
The best sanitary landfill method for a location with rolling terrain is... area or ramp method
Which pesticide is most effective for controlling ragweed? 2, 4-D
Which term is used to show the exposure of huge populations to low level radiation? Person-rem
How many years should medical surveillance records be kept? 30 years
Scrubbers are wet collectors GENERALLY used to remove particles that form as... fog, mist, or dust
Vent gases combined with high moisture inside of a chimney will form what? Sulfuric Acid
Nosocomial infections are a reoccuring problem in what kind of establishment? Hospitals
The PRINCIPAL function of cyanuric acid in a swimming pool is to... stabilize residual chlorine.
OSHA regulations other than HAZWOPER apply to emergency response and hazardous waste operations if they are... more stringent.
The 1970 Air Act established the air standard does not apply to what gas? Carbon Dioxide
To disinfect 1 gallon of clear water using household 5% bleach: Mix 1 tsp to 10 gallons and let set for 30 minutes
Following floods and other natural disasters, there is a frequent public concern for what vaccination? Typhoid
The speed in which emergency action can be taken is largely defendent on... Prior planning
When an order has been ignored, the next step is to _______. Hold an administrative hearing.
What article of the U.S. constitution protects a nonpublic area from unreasonable searches and seizures? Article 4
A disease condition, which lasts for 3 months or more, is called? Chronic
The McBee system (for record keeping) is suitable when the maximum number or cards per sortting does not exceed: 500
A GAP analysis is: The analysis of the distance between the current state and the future state.
The turbidity of clear water TO BE TREATED by slow sand filtration should not exceed: 25 NTU
Subdivision plans involving individual wells and sewage disposal systems: Must be adapt to topography and geological formations existing.
If a sample of water contains 5,000 fecal coliform colonies per 100 ml of water, is placed in which environmental impact category? Category 2
The EPA stream quality indicator for dissolved oxygen in stream water is: 6mg per liter
Federal air quality standards of sulfur oxides in parts per million is: 0.03
A nitrogen level below _____ ppm does not pose a health problem. 0.05
The council on Environmental Quality was established by: Title II of NEPA
Special engineering studies are required for slopes with an incline greater than: 8 percent
An ad valorem tax is: A non-proportionate tax for service.
General obligation bonds used for financing municipal capital improvements are repaid by: Real Property Tax
A comprehensive water supply study must include: Alternative sources of water.
There is an urgent need for more engineering in the community planning: At the area-wide, metropolitan, and regional level.
The appointment and maintenance of an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is one of the requirements of: NIH
The development and maintenance of an exposure control plan is one requirement of: OSHA's bloodbourne pathogen regulations
The protection of personnel and the immediate laboratory environment from exposure from infectious agents by good microbial technique and safety equipment is called: Primary containment
The muerto canyon virus causes disease in the _____ of humans. Lungs
The control of bloodborne pathogens is regulated by who? OSHA
The reason for nosocomial infections in hospitals and nursing homes are? Older patients with chronic disease, Increased number of high risk patients, and Invasive procedures.
What are the most frequent disease transition routs in child daycare centers? Intimate contact, Fecal oral route, respiratory.
Exposure to formaldehyde can cause: Disturbed sleep, contact dermatitis, and Irritation to respiratory passages.
Lead poisoning is commonly associated with children living in homes built before what year? 1950
Radon is detected in a home through the use of instrumentation that measures what? Alpha particles
Urban dwellers spend what percentage of time indoor? 80 to 90
It is recommended that 1 water closet be provided for every ___ beds in a hospital or nursing home. 8
A minimum of how much sleeping area is per person is required in the APHA appraisal method? 40 square feet
Most ragweed pollen grains settle on the ground within about: 200 feet of their source
In general, there are three kind of weeds. What are they? Perennials, biennials, and annuals.
Psittacosis/Ornithosis is spread by what? Pidgeons
An example of an anticoagulant rodenticide is: Warfarin
The Norway Rat has a normal home range of: 100-150ft
The smallest diameter hole through which an average house mouse can pass is: 1/2 inch
Rattus rattus is also referred to as: Roof Rat
Pediculosis is an infestation of what? Lice
Bacteria can be carried in the digestive tract of the housefly as long as: 4 weeks
Rodents are the primary host/reservoir of hantavirus. In particular, ________ appears to be the primary reservoir for the newly recognized (1993) hantavirus in the SEUS. Deer mouse
What pH is probably optimal foe minimal eye irritation along with maintenance of effective residual chlorine? 7.5-7.6
When chlorine is added to water: 2 acids are formed.
To raise pH, add: Soda ash
A pool filtration system should filter all of the pool's water every: 6-8 hours
Swimming pools have been implicated in many outbreaks including Letosporiasis, Legionar's disease, etc.
Oysters free themselves of contaminating viruses and bacteria with how many hours of exposure in purified water. 12-24 hours
Death in newborns caused by milk-induced diarrhea has been mainly attributed to: E. Coli
Thermoduric bacteria grow best at what temps? 70-98 oF
People at risk for listerosis are: Newborns and pregnant women
Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is caused by: Infection with E. Coli 0157:H7
Salty flavored milk may be a result of cows infected with: Mastitis
Milk is considered Ultra High Pasteurized at what temp? 212F or 100C for 1 second
Contamination in a block of ice can be identified by what? Dis-colorization in the geometric center.
Pasteurization of milk does NOT remove what? Toxins, Anthrax Spores, Pesticides
Lasers emit what kind of radiation? Electromagnetic Radiation
Filters reduce what? Radiation
The only difference in gamma rays, x-rays, and visible light is: Their frequency
Methyl Bromide is mainly used as a? Herbicide
The ozone hole was first noticed over where? Antartica
What material is known for reflecting sound? Rubber tiles
Pitch of a sound is determined primarily by: Frequency
Long term wind data of a given location are praphically in the form of a: Wind Rose
The Ringlemann chart method of evaluating particle pollution in the atmosphere is being replaced by the determination of: Percent opacity
How are total suspended particles measured? Collection and weighing
Is sulfuric acid a primary pollutant? No
Sources of dioxin include: Wood preserved with PCP's, Paper mill bleached pulp and sludge, Bleached paper products
High temperature systems are mostly suitable to destroy: Organic compounds
Is domestic sewage included in hazardous waste regulations? No
What is not a characteristic of hazardous waste? Combustability
Methane in the presence of air is explosive at what concentration? 5 and 15 percent
Acidic conditions do what to growth of methane-producing bacteria? Inhibit
What reduces the final volume of waste? Compaction and Maceration
The NODAK system is designed to: Protect groundwater
Sewer gas may contain: H2S, Methane, Chorine
Facultative Bacteria can: Live in both Aerobic and Anaerobic conditions
How is the suitability of soil determined? Percolation Test
What is non-toxic to aquatic organisms, a good viricide, and adds oxygen to treated wastewater effluents? Ozone (O3)
The degree of eutrophication is indicated by: Quantity of algae, reduced water transparency, dissolved oxygen in the water near the surface,
The amount of color in the water should be less than: 15 color units
Mycotoxins are toxins produced by: Fungi
A well casing should be equipped with a vent and installed... with concrete used as a grout.
During the doffing (removal) of PPE, what is the last article to be removed? Gloves
This is an appraisal method for measuring the quality of housing. APHA
"potable water" means: Water than can be consumed at any desired amount without concern for adverse effects on health.
Histamine poisoning commonly causes: Circulatory difficulties and tissue swelling.
The first step of HACCP is to: Identify potentially hazardous foods.
Which of the following Biosafety levels is associated with moderate potential hazard to personnel and environment. Biosafety level 2
A legal order to stop an activity, which interferes with the public's ability to pursue comfort health, and quiet is: Nuisance abatement order
Which species of cockroach causes the most issues in the U.S.? German
The commonly acceptable refuse disposal and treatment methods are: composting, incineration, and sanitary land filling.
Toxic priority pollutants include: arsenic, cadmium, vinyl chloride
What source accounts for the largest amount of foodborne illness? Biological
The recommended turnover rate for a spa is: 30 minutes
When free chlorine combines with ammonia it makes: Combined chlorine
The most significant source of pollutant emissions released into the ambient air is? Motor Vehichles
The major component of smog is? Ozone
The blue pages for an Emergency Response Guidebook are for? Alphabetical listing of chemicals
The green pages of an Emergency Response Guidebook are for? Isolation and Distance Labels
The yellow pages of an Emergency Response Guidebook are for? Guide listings numerically
The wholesomeness of food is dependent on? appearance and look
The CDC has defined the following lead blood level as a level of concern. 10 micrograms per deciliter
Limiting employees to a 20 minute rotation schedule while working on cold storage freezers is an example of a: Vertical Standard
What type of filters are not recommended for safe drinking water? Pressure filters
The microbe primarily responsible for skin infection in whirlpools is: Pseudomonas aeruginosa
The connection between a pool and sewer must : Have an air gap no less than 2x the diameter of the discharge pipe.
The quickest decomposition method with the least odor is: Aerobic
Which waste treatment involves the use of GEMS? Bioremediation
What is the MOST common cause of bacterial meningitis in children undr the age of 5 years old? Haemophilus influenza type B
How is giardiasis USUALLY transmitted to others? Person to person transfer of cysts from the feces of the infected individual.
What is the measurement of the amount of light scattered by particles? Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)
Define Epidemic The occurrence in a community or region of cases of an illness clearly in excess of expectancy.
Listerosis is most commonly associated with... Contaminated food.
Vehichleborne, vectorborne, and airborne are all examples of what kinds of transmission? Indirect mode of transmission
What type of filtration system should be supplemented by a chlorination system? Diatomaceous earth filters.
Microbial pollution travels only a short distance through what kind of soil? Smooth Clay
What type of filter is recommended for use in small communities and rural places? Slow sand filters
Back siphonage ma be prevented by? Vacuum Breakers, Sir Gap Separation, Backpressure Units
The wastewater from the flushing of a water closet, latrine, or privy is referred to as: Black water
Nutrients associated with eutrophication mainly include... Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphates
Aerobic bacteria require what nutrients? Carbon, Phosphorous, Nitrogen
What does a mottled brown and red soil indicate? Inadequate aeration methods
Alternative small wastewater treatment systems are considered UNLESS? Impervious formations are found at a depth of 10 feet.
Lime coagulation, mixed media filtrations, and activated carbon filtration will greatly reduce: EPA Priority Pollutants
It is known that some common pathogenic organisms found in wastewater will survive more than _______ of harsh temperature extremes. 2 years
A storm sewer is used to: Remove rain and other standing surface water.
Stream pollution is sometimes apparent by: A zone of degradation.
A young lake is considered to be: Oligotrophic
If the septic tank will also have a garbage disposal feeding into it, what changes about the tank? The size of the tank should be increased 50%.
Sludge accumulation in a tank serving a normal home been estimated at 18-21 gallons per person per year.
How often should a septic tank for a private home be serviced? Every 3-5 years
Human disease from aerosols of wastewater: Are related primarily to wastewater treatment by the activated sludge, trickling filter, and spray irrigation process.
Using wastewater for watering plants is dangerous to humans if the water contains: Cadmium
The grinding of garbage is an acceptable method of? Garbage Disposal
What is the best way of collecting undisturbed soil? Split Spoon
Which federal law regulates underground storage tanks for hazardous waste? Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
A measure of the probability and severity of adverse effects under specific conditions is called: Risk
What type of hazardous material transportation presents the most widespread public risk? Highway Transportaion
What is the term for statistical estimate of an oral dose of a chemical that produces a lethal effect on half of the animal population. LD50
Which respiratory device provides the best protection? A positive pressure respirator with a full face piece.
What is the order of importance for responder safety at an incident? Responder safety > Public Safety > Environmental Safety > Property Protection
Psittacosis is also referred to as? Ornithosis
Poison ivy, Poison Sumac, and Poison Oak contain oleoresin that is found in all parts of the plant EXCEPT the: Wood
Hay fever is correctly referred to as? Pollenosis
What herbicide is most effective for controlling ragweed? 2,4-D
The killing of an infectious agent outside of the body by chemical or physical means is called what? Disinfection
The term cooties refers to what kind of infestation? Lice
In radiation, the term RAD means: Radiation Absorbed Dose
Beta radiation is MOST commonly blocked by what materials? Glass or Plastic
Microwaves are reflected by _____. Metals
What is the energy of ionizing radiation measured in? Electron Volts (eV)
Which type of radiation has little penetrating power and is normally a hazard to health only in the form of internal radiation received through ingestion, inhalation, or open wounds? Alpha-Particles
Isotopes of the same element have: The same atomic number, but different mass number
The term frequency can be described in/as: Waves
The shorter the wavelength, the: Higher the frequency and energy.
The roentgen is the measure of the ionization in the air produced by exposure to: X-rays or Gamma Rays
The absorption of how man ergs (energy-per-gram) of air represents one roentgen? About 86
What term is used to show the exposure of large populations to low-level radiation? Person-rem
The rate at which atoms of radioactive sources (radionuclides) disintegrate are measured in: Curies
Radiation induced diseases in a person are called what? Somatic
Radiation induced diseases in the progeny of an exposed person are called? genertic
Nucleons are defined as? The particles in the nucleus of an atom. (Protons and Neutrons)
What charge do electrons carry? Negative
How is the mass on an atom expressed? (AMU) Atomic Mass Numbers
What do you call the electrical energy needed to keep an electron orbiting around the nucleus? Binding Energy
Define Roentgen Equivalent Man (rem) (Sv) The unit of dose equivalent or occupational exposure.
The largest component of natural environmental radiation exposure? Radon
Define Ionization The process of displacing an orbital electron from an atom in a substance, producing a negative ion and a positive ion.
Which federal agency has the greatest responsibility for radiation protection? Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
No person should be permitted to work in a trench or pit in a sandy clay soil that has unsupported sides or banks higher than: 5 Feet
An employers moving employees that have reached upper permissible levels of exposure from an area is called what? Administrative Control
A negative pressure fit test for a protective mask: Is done by placing both palms against the intake filters.
Define Presbycusis Hearing loss associated with increasing age.
Define Socioacusis noise induced permanent threshold shift due to environmental noise.
The MOST likely cause of photochemical smog is: Heavy motor vehicle traffic.
Scrubbers are wet collectors usually used to remove particles that form as a Fog, Mist, or Dust
The big industry least likely to be a source of Sulfur Dioxide is: Hazardous waste incinerators
Particle size selective inlets are used to separate particulates above and below 2-3 microns in size on: High volume samplers
The most common type of noise measurement device used for initial inspections is the: Sound Level Meter
When two pollutants are combined, the effects are greater than the sum of the individual effects. This is called: Synergism
The average human breathes how much oxygen a day? 35 lbs of air
What component of clean dry air has the lowest volume? Sulfur Dioxide
Ozone reduces the useful life of many components in clothing and textiles. What is the main one it does not? Nylon
Major effects on humans are caused by Los Angeles- and London- type smog, along with what 2 pollutants? Sulfur Dioxide and Hydrogen Fluoride
What type of air pollution causes bleaching of leaves of plants? Sulfur dioxide
What size particle can reach the lowest part of the lungs? 3 microns
How are hydrocarbons usually measured? Flame Ionization Method
Cross-connection controls include air gaps, backflow preventers, vacuum breakers, and: Indirect Waste Piping
The drain line of an ice machine should connect to the sewer system through: An open receptacle with an air gap
Vent gasses from a coal-burning furnace combined with high moisture inside a chimney will form what? Sulfuric Acid
What is the PRIMARY cause of death resulting from automobile exhaust accumulation in garages? Carbon Monoxide
The end of a waste pipe should terminate below the rim of a sink directly connected to the drainage system by at LEAST: 2 Inches
The most common type of injury in a home is a: Fall
An "S" trap is not considered legal in most states due to: They are not vented
A stud is a unit of a building construction that is intended as a: Vertical Support
A joist is used as a: Horizontal Support
A footing drain is required to: Keep a foundation from slipping.
The chimney of a house should be a minimum of ______ above the highest structure of the home. 3 feet
What is the horizontal part of a step called? Tread
What is the vertical part of the step called? Riser
When footers fail this often results in: Cracked and/or displaced foundations.
On a home, the termite shield is placed between the: Foundation and the Sill
The maximum size of a stair riser is: 8"1/4
The footing drain is intended to drain the water away from the base of the home to: Prevent damage to the footer and foundation.
A plastic ground cover sealed to the foundation should be placed on the ground in the crawl space of the home to: Control moisture in the crawlspace.
Define nosocomial: Infections acquired in a hospital.
What is the ASHRAE-recommended minimal thermal standard for dwelling at 40% humidity and an air circulation rate of 45 fpm? 76 degrees
The distance between the end of the water supply pipe and the sink should be how many times the diameter of the supply pipe? 2
Excessive condensation, condensation, and mildew occur when the relative humidity exceeds: 60%
Nosocomial infections are a reoccurring issue in: Healthcare facilities
Minimum wash water temps for hospital laundry: 160-167F
A biohazard is defined as: A material of biological composition, especially if infective, that constitutes a threat to people or their environment.
Bloodborne pathogens are are regulated by: OSHA
Muerto Canyon Virus (MCV) is a hantavirus mainly carried by: Mice
The Muerto Canyon Virus causes a disease that destroys what primary organ in humans? Lungs
The incidence of tuberculosis in English laboratory workers working with M. tuberculosis was reported to be how many times higher than for the general population? 5x
"Universal Precautions" refers to: An infection control program regulating the handling of blood and certain bodily fluids.
The biosafety containment level suitable for work involving agents of moderate potential hazard to personnel and the environment is: Biosafety Level 2
Technical manuals are considered: Biological Safety Equipment
The release of genetically engineered materials in to the environment is regulated by: USDA & EPA
Studies indicate that swimmers have higher overall illness: Regardless of bathing water quality.
Swimming pool water clarity is measured in: Nephelometer Turbidity Units (NTU)
Its is recommended that a pool water's clarity never exceed how many NTUs? 0.5 NTU
A swimming pool filtration system should filter the entire volume of the pool every ___ hours. 6 Hours
The rate of filtration of a diatomite filter should be: 1 to 2 gpm/ft2
Due to a large quantity of floating organisms and materials, the gutters should receive what MINIMUM percent of the total pool water? 60%
The recommended and most effective method of maintaining pool water quality is: Continuous recirculation, chlorination, and filtration.
One advantage of using cyanuric acid additive is that it: Stabilizes residual chlorine
The acidity/alkalinity balance affects eye irritation, water coagulation, and the: Effectiveness of chlorine
The addition of sodium bicarbonate will: Raise pH
To raise pH add: soda ash
To mix acid with water, always: add acid to water
When chlorine is added to water: one acid is formed
The best control of swimmers itch at a bathing beach is to: Add copper sulfate
The preferred method for controlling sewage from watercraft is the use of: Onboard holding tanks
Gas chlorine provides: 100% available chlorine
The microbe primarily responsible for skin infections in whirlpools is: Pseudomonas auruginosa
Water in children's wading pools should be recirculated every: 60 minutes
The ideal pH range for swimming pools is: 7.2-7.6
The generally prohibited swimming facility from a public health perspective is a: Fill and Draw Pool
It is essential that all pools do what? Circulate 24 hours a day
The main drain grate should be how many times larger than the discharge pipe? 4x
The speed at which emergency action can be taken is dependent PRIMARILY on: Prior planning
The government agency that usually deals with disasters is: FEMA
Evacuation and survival of individuals in an emergency or natural disaster is most often dependent on the extent to which: They can help themselves.
After flooding and other natural disasters, vaccinations are needed for? None needed
The minimum amount of water per day that should be provided for natural disaster victims is? 3-5 gallons
When a temporary shelter is necessary in an emergency, the FIRST consideration in shelter selection should be: Protection of the survivors from health and safety risks
One of the FIRST actions an individual should take upon hearing an order for evacuation of homes and businesses is to turn off the: Public utility services to the building.
The quantity of bleach needed to treat 1000 gallons of bacterially contaminated water for drinking is: 1 pint
A satisfactory method for disinfecting water that is not chemically or grossly polluted with bacteria is: Chlorination
In emergency situations, when the water is turbid or colored, but not chemically contaminated, the chlorine dosage should be: Doubled
Approved emergency plans for at nuclear electric power plants should be tested every: 2 years
Key components of HAZWOPER programs exclude: sanitary requirements
HAZWOPER requirements apply to: Voluntary cleanup at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.
The difference between disaster and terrorism is be described as: Intent
Why is CO2 added to a water? To balance pH
Silicosis Is affected by what kind of dust, how much, and amount of silica. (Not asbestos)
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
AEC Atomic Energy Commisions
AF Alkalinity Factor
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achieved
AMU Atomic Mass Unit
APRs Air-Purifying Respirators
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers
aw Water Alkalinity
Bq Bequerel Unit
BOD5 Biochemical Oxygen Demand
C Coulomb
CAA Clean Air Act
CCPs Critical Control Points
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
CF Calcium Hardness Factor
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
Ci Curie Units
CIP Cleaning In Place
CPC Chemical Protective Clothing
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commision
CWA Clean Water Act
dB Decible
dBA Sound Measured Using A-weighted Scale
DE Filter Diatomaceous Earth Filter
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DOE Department of Energy
DPD Diethyl-P-Phynelene Diamine
EHS Extremely Hazardous Substance
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
EPCRA Energy Planning and Community Right to Know Act
eV Electron Volt
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FID Flame Ionization Detector
fmp Feet per minute
GEMs Generically Engineered Microbes
GFI Ground Fault Interrupters
Gy Gray
HMTA Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response
Hz Hertz (International unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second)
ICRU International Commission of Radiation Units and Measurements
IDHL Immediately Dangerous to Health or Life
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMP Integrated Pest Management
L values Statistical Model
Lax Values Various noise levels (Also called exceedance levels)
LD Lethal Dose
LD50 Dose needed to kill 50% of the animals exposed to it.
LDN Average Day-Night Noise Level
LEQ Equivalent Continuous Sound Level
LEL Lower Explosive Unit
LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee
LEPD Local Emergency Planning District
MCLs Maximum Containment Levels
MKS Systems Meters, Kilograms, Seconds system
MSG Monosodium Glutamate
MSHA Mine Safety and Health Admiistration
MSW Municipal Solid Waste
NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NIH National Institute of Health
NIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
NIPTS Noise-Induced Permanent Threshold Shift
NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient /OR/ National Regulator Commission
NRT National Response Team
NSFI National Sanitation Foundation International
NSPF National Swimming Pool Foundation
OSC On-Scene Coordinator
P2 Pollution Prevention
PAN Peroxyacetyl Nitrate
PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl
PD or PID Photoionization Detector
PEL Permissible Exposure Limit
PHS Public Health Service
PM10 Percolate Matter of 10 microns or less
PSI Pollution Standards Index
PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
R Roentgen
rad Radiation Absorbed Does. A dosage of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to the absorption of 110 ergs of energy per gram of material.
rem Roentgen Equivalent Man. A dosage of ionizing radiation that will produce a biological effect approximately equal to that produced by one roentgen of X-ray ratiation.
RQ Reportable Quantity
RRT Regional Response Team
SARA Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
SARs Supplied Air Respirators
SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act
SERC State Emergency Response Commission
SFIP Stakeholder Focused Interactive Planning
SI System of International Units
STC Sound Transmission Class
STL Sound Transmission Loss
Sv Seivert
SWRT Surface Water Treatment Rule
TD Toxic Dose
TF Temperature Factor
TLD Thermoluminescent Dosimeters
TLV Threshold Limit Value
TLV-C Threshold Limit Value (Ceiling)
TLV-STEL Threshold Limit Value - Short Term Exposure Limit
TLV-TWA Threshold Limit Value - Time Weighted Average
TPQ Threshold Planning Qulaity
TSD Treatment, Storage, and Disposal
TQM Total Quality Management
TSS Total Suspended Solids
UL Underwriters Laboratory
UPC Uniform Plumbing Code
USCG United States Coast Guard
What is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in children under five years of age? Haemophilus influenza type B
How is giardiasis usually transmitted to others? Person-to-person of cysts from the feces of the infected individual.
Which duty of state and local health agencies is focused to protect the public's health and welfare? Regulatory responsibilities
What is the measurement of the amount of light scattered by particles suspended in a water test sample Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)
Which portal of entry should a field sanitarian protect to avoid contracting Lyme Disease? Skin
Listerosis is commonly associated with what? Food
Hermolytic Uremic Syndrome is caused by infection with? Escherichia coli O157:H7
Basic principles of disease control include: control of disease source, mode of transmission, understanding susceptiblity
Time between exposure and the first symptom Incubation period
vehicleborne, vectorborne, and airborne are examples of: Indirect Transmission
An employer is held liable for the torts of its employees committed within the scope of their employment. This is called Respondeat Superior
Performance of an authorized act in an unauthorized manner is called: Misfeasance
An action authorized by law to restrict to prevent or prevent the movement of good for the protection of the public: Embargo
What federal agency regulates food additives? FDA
When legal action taken, what is the first steps a sanitarian takes? Keep accurate notes
Most common contributing factor of foodborne illness Improper holding tempretures
What is the maximum time food can stay in the temperature danger zone. 6 Hours
Backsiphonage is NOT prevented by: Hydrostatic Loops
Before taking a drinking water sample, how long should the source be flushed out? 2-3 minutes
Least effective for cadmium removal? Activated carbon
Wastewater from a water closet, latrine, or privy is referred to as: Black Water
If a tank is pumped during a wet period: The tank may float
Nutrients associated with eutrophication are: Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphates
A septic employee has checked an empty tank for hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The test was negative and there were no odors. Is the tank safe to enter without a respirator or supplied air? No, because the oxygen content and methane were not tested,
Facts about ozone: Excellent viricide, Source of dissolved oxygen, non-toxic to aquatic organisms
Aerobic bacteria require what nutrients? Carbon, Phosphorus and Nitrogen
What does mottled brown and red soil indicate? Inadequate aeration methods
Some common pathogens will survive in wastewater up to 2 years
Sludge accumulation in a standard home has been estimated at: 18-21 gallons per person
Types of hazardous waste incinerators Fluidized, fixed hearth, rotary kiln
Which federal law governs underground storage tanks for waste disposal? RCRA
Which respiratory device provides the best protection? Positive pressure respirator with a full face piece
Best public health strategy to abate a current outbreak of rikettsialpox (transmitted by rat-associated mites)? Apply acaricides prior to suppressing rat abundance,
When is it reasonable to treat a dwelling for a bed bug problem? When a living bed bug has been confirmed on the premises.
Poison Ivey, Oak, and Sumac are BEST managed by: Treating them with an herbicide.
Head lice are acquired by: Prolonged head-to-head contact.
Disease from inhaling dust from bird droppings: Psittacosis
When would pesticides be used in an integrated pest management program? Anytime they might be appropriate to reaching the goals of the program
Rodent populations in a food production or service facility are BEST kept low by: Improving sanitation and securing foods.
What is the best way to handle a bat being found in a room? Capture the bat alive and consider having it tested for rabies.
Little penetrating power and are normally a health hazard only in the form of internal radiation received through ingestion, inhalation or open wounds? Alpha particles
Microwaves are protected by? Metals
The term frequency can not be described in: particles
The principles of shielding are represented by which three methods? Time, distance & shielding
The half-value layer represents: The thickness of a particular shield that decreases exposure by 50%
What is the danger and/or hazard posed by an etiological agent? Human Disease
3 bones in the ear: Incus, Malleus, & Staples
A substance or condition resulting in congenital malformations (birth defects) teratogen
The process leading to cancer. Carcinogenesis
The EPA classifies chemicals into categories based on their potential to cause cancer. 1. Human Carcinogen 2. Likely human carcinogen 3.Suggested potential of carcinogen 4.Inadequate evidence to classify 5. Not likely carcinogen
An agent that causes chromosomal damage or rearrangement resulting in alteration of genetic code. Mutagen
VOC's are often excreted through? The Lungs
When a toxicant is transformed or metabolized into something else. Biotransformation
Biotransformation of wood alcohol (methanol) to formaldehyde causes what in human? blindness
The degree of chemical exposure. Dose
The magnitude of chemical exposure. Response
TDLO Toxic Dose Low- Lowest dose of a substance introduced by any route other than inhalation.
TCLO Toxic concentration low- The lowest concentration of a substance in air that has produced a toxic dose.
LCLO Lethal Concentration Low- Lowest concentration in that air that has been reported to cause death.
LC50 Lethal concentration 50- a calculated concentration of a substance in air that is expected to cause the death of 50% of a population.
OEL Occupational Exposure Limit
Hazard Class 1 Explosives
Hazard Class 2 Gases
Hazard Class 3 Flammable Liquids
Hazard Class 4 Flammable Solids
Hazard Class 5 Oxidizers & Organic Peroxides
Hazard Class 6 Toxic Materials & Infectious Substances
Hazard Class 7 Radioactive Materials
Hazard Class 8 Corrosives
Hazard Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
Level A PPE Requires atmosphere-supplying respirator in combination with a vapor-tight suit.
Level B PPE Requires atmosphere-supplying respirator in combination with the appropriate chemical-protective clothing.
Level C PPE A cartridge or canister air purifying respirator and appropriate skin protection.
Level D PPE Generally a work uniform used for nuisance contamination only.
Radioactivity SI Unit Becquerel (Bq)
Absorbed Dose SI Unit gray (Gy)
Dose Equivalent SI Unit Sievert (Sv)
Exposure SI Unit coulumb/kilogram (C/kg)
Radioactivity MKS Unit Curie
Absorbed Dose MSK Unit rad
Dose Equivalent MKS Unit rem
Exposure MKS Unit roentgen
AQI Air Quality Index
How are hydrocarbons usually measured? Flame Ionization Method
How is Nitrogen Oxide or Nitric Oxide NO2 usually measured? Chemiluminescence
Three major methods of asbestos testing Polarized Light Microscopy, Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy
COPD Chronic Obstruction Lung Desease
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