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Physiology study stack 2

Erthyropoiesis production of red cells in the bone marrow
Lymphatic system function to fight infection
Boyle's Law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure
what percentage of blood flow comes from the hepatic portal system? 80%
Amylase enzyme secreted in the saliva
What is another term for action potential? nerve impulse
Babinski sign extension of the great toe, with or without fanning of the other toes, in response to stimulation of the outer margin of the sole of the foot.
What does the reticular activating system maintain? sleep rhythms
Somatic senses enable us to detect sensations including: touch, temperature and pain
Visual acuity clearness or sharpness of visual perception
Gated channel receptor The membrane receptor acts directly to change ion permeability when stimulated
Created by: jleclaire101