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AP Being Sick (TCM)

GHS AP Chinese

五行 wǔxíng the five elements
协调 協調 xiétiáo to balance, harmonize
基础 基礎 jīchǔ foundation, basis
失调 失調 shítiáo imbalance; to get out of balance
患者 hùanzhě sufferer; patient
běn root, origin
气功 氣功 qìgōng a system of deep breathing exercises
气滞 氣滯 qìzhì stagnation of 气
治疗 治療 zhìliáo to treat, cure; a treatment or cure
状况 狀況 zhuàngkuàng condition; state
理论 理論 lǐlùn theory
经络 經絡 jīngluò energy channels; meridians
草药 草藥 cǎoyào herbal medicine
表(面) biǎo(mìan) surface
调和 調和 tiáohé harmonious, balanced
阴阳 陰陽 yīnyáng yin and yang
中医 中醫 zhōngyī Chinese medicine; doctor of Chinese medicine
刮痧 guàshā scraping technique
拔罐 báguàn "fire cupping"
按摩 ānmó massage
推拿 tuīná a form of manual therapy
症状 症狀 zhèngzhuāng symptom
针灸 針灸 zhēnjiǔ accupuncture and moxibustion
Created by: Ouyanglise
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