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GHS AP Chinese

由于 由於 yóuyú due to, because of
帮助 幫助 bāngzhù to help, help
解决 解決 jǐejúe to solve, to resolve
答谢 答謝 dáxiè to thank, express thanks
zhǔ to cook
恭喜 gōngxǐ to congratulate
出院 chūyuàn to be discharged from the hospital
恢复 恢復 hūifù to recover
乱跑 亂跑 lùanpǎo to run around
只好 zhǐhǎo have to (no choice)
dāi to stay
tǎng to lie, recline
整天 zhěngtiān all day, the whole day
闷死 悶死 mēnsǐ to be extremely boring
算了吧 sùanle ba let it be, just forget it
如此 rúcǐ so, thus, in this way
何必 hébì there is no need
当初 當初 dāngchū in the first place, originally
检查 檢查 jiǎnchá to examine; checkup, examination
地步 dìbù condition, state
end of sentence sound: indicates questioning
duàn m word: segment
哎呀 āiya oh gosh! oh dear!
后悔 後悔 hòuhǔi regret
多亏 多虧 dūokūi thanks to; luckily
zāo in a terrible state; chaotic
不然 bùrán otherwise
后果 後果 hòugǔo aftermath; consequence
不堪设想 不堪設想 bùkānshèxiǎng can't bear to think about it
hài to harm; to cause trouble for
tàng m word for trips
麻烦 麻煩 máfan troublesome; to give someone trouble
顺便 順便 shùnbiàn conveniently; in passing
出门在外 出門在外 chūménzàiwài to be away from home
保险 保險 bǎoxiǎn insurance
证明 證明 zhèngmíng to prove, to certify; proof, certification
因此 yīncǐ therefore
缺席 qūexí to be absent; absence
辅导 輔導 fǔdǎo to give guidance in studying; to coach
补考 補考 bǔkǎo makeup test
至于 zhìyú as for, as to
倒霉 dǎoméi unlucky
俗话 俗話 súhùa common saying; proverb
kào to lean against, to depend on
友谊 友誼 yǒuyì friendship
Created by: Ouyanglise
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