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AP Banking

GHS AP Chinese

银行 銀行 yínháng bank
开 開 kāi to open (a door, a window, and account) to drive (a car)
账戶 賬戶 zhànghù account
cún to deposit; to store, to save
kuǎn money, funds
to withdraw; to fetch
方便 fāngbiàn convenient
利率 lìlǜ interest rate
gāo high (interest)
储蓄 儲蓄 chǔxù savings (N) to save money (V)
百分之... bǎifēnzhī.... ....percent
利息 lìxī interest
支票 zhīpiào check
職員 zhíyuán staff, employee
low (interest)
zhǒng kind (measure word)
差不多 chà bu duō not very different, similar, about the same
够 夠 gòu enough
单子 單子 dānzi form
tián to fill in/out (a form)
qiān thousand
yuán dollar
美金 měijīn US currency
to mail, to send
人民币 人民幣 rénmínbì RMB, Chinese currency
to take, fetch; to use
取款卡 qǔkuǎnkǎ ATM card
自动 自動 zìdòng automatic
取款机 取款機 qǔkuǎnjī ATM machine
现金 現金 xiànjīn cash
申请 申請 shēnqǐng to apply; application
信用卡 xìnyòngkǎ credit card
当然 當然 dāngrán of course
biǎo form
huàn to change, to exchange
汇率 匯率 huìlǜ exchange rate
兑换 兌換 dùihuàn exchange(N); to exchange (V) (money/currency)
外币 外幣 wàibì foreign currency
柜台 櫃台 gùitái counter
万 萬 wàn ten thousand
Created by: Ouyanglise
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