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Vocab for Community ATI

Respiratory Disorders Occupational Health Risk for Farmers
hippotherapy - cerebral palsy Complementary Strategy example
KAVA Not indicated for Cirrohsis
Fifth disease S/S Rash (slapped face appearance) that goes down body, fever, N, malaise, lethargy
Rotavirus expectations Winter months, fever, V, watery D
Influenza Type A prevention post-exposure Antivirals
Decision to leave partner Greatest risk for partner violence
Hepatitis A spreading preventing Washing bathroom fixtures with chlorine bleach solution
Hepatitis A transmission via feces and survives on human hands due to resistance to soap and detergents
Nationally notifiable Diseases Cholera. Cryptosporidiosis. Cyclosporiasis. Giardiasis. Hepatitis A. Legionellosis. Malaria* Salmonellosis Varicella Gnonerrhea Typhoid Fever Yellow Fever
Hepatitis C transmission blood and bodily fluids
Hepatitis C diet high in carbohydrates and high in calories
warfarin interactions gingko biloba
St. John's Wart affects seratonin, decreases effectivness of OC, warfarin, CCB, dig, cyclosporin
Valarien precautions Mental disorders, pregnancy and breastfeeding
TB Pt Edu Cont. Meds for full duration(6-12mo. up to 2 years) Airborne precautions not needed for Fam in home TB active wear mask when out Sputum samples every 2-4 weeks (mon. therapy effectiveness)
Inlfuenza Medications antivirals - amatadine, ranatadine, ribavirin (for treatment and prevention)
GI Tract as portal of Exit for.... Hep A, shigella, salmonella, E. coli
Tetracyclines Treat Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Chlamydia, Anthrax
Lyme disease treatment tetracyclines
Rinne Test Place tuning fork behind client's ear. Have client state when he can no longer hear the sound
Weber Test Place tuning fork on top of client's head. Ask which ear they can hear it better with.
Gingko Biloba interact to lower seizure threshold with? antihistimines, antidepressants, antipsychotics
What is Palliative care Focusing on the relief of physical manifestations, as well as addressing spiritual, psychosocial, and emotion aspects
Potassium iodide For radiation exposure - reduces uptake of radioactive iodine in the thyroid
Prevention of Lead Absorption Adequate Iron and Calcium Mop wood floors Wet sanding technique if repainting Use cold tap water NOT hot
1st Step to Starting Exercise Program - Pt Edu See provider for physical and approval
Created by: glang
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