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Lesson 21

GHS Chinese 3/4

放假 fàng jià to go on a holiday or vacation
计划 計劃 jīhùa plan (noun)
各地 gè dì various places
zǒu to leave; to depart
打算 dǎsuàn to plan (verb)
护照 護照 hùzhào passport
签证 簽證 qiānzhèng visa
办 辦 bàn to do; to handle
hǎo (adv) used before certain verbs to indicate that something is easy
机票 機票 jīpiào plane ticket
订 訂 dìng to reserve; to book
jiā measure word for companies, restaurants, etc.
航空公司 hángkōng gōngsī airline
公司 gōngsī company
减价 減價 jiǎnjià to reduce prices; to have a reduced price sale
旅行社 lǚxíngshè Travel agency
日程 rìchéng schedule; itinerary
打折(扣) dǎzhé (koù) to give a discount
九折 jiǔzhé 10 % off
中华 中華 zhōnghúa China (airlines)
chū beginning
单程 單程 dānchéng one-way trip
来回 來回 láihúi round trip; back and forth
有的 yǒude some
qiān thousand
不到 búdào less than
转机 轉機 zhuǎnjī to change planes
直飞 直飛 zhífēi fly directly
班机 班機 bānjī scheduled flight
nèi within; inside
涨价 漲價 zhǎngjià to increase in price
华盛顿 華盛頓 húashèngdùn Washington
韩国 韓國 hán guó Korea
芝加哥 zhījiāgē Chicago
洛杉矶 洛杉磯 luòshānjī L.A.
首爾 (汉城) (漢城) shǒu’ěr (hànchéng) Seoul (Now called shǒu’ěr in Chinese, Seoul used to be called hànchéng)
香港 xiānggǎng Hong Kong
中国民航 中國民航 zhōnggúo mínháng Air China
西北 xīběi Northwest (airlines)
要是。。。就。。。 yàoshi...jìu if...then...
钱 錢 qián money; a surname
wàn 10,000
亿 億 100,000,000
Created by: Ouyanglise
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