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Lesson 19

GHS Chinese 3/4

邮局 郵局 yóujú post office
留学生 留學生 líuxúeshēng student studying abroad
to send by mail
yào to need; to cost
营业员 營業員 yíngyèyuán clerk
平信 píngxìn letter sent by regular mail
快信 kùaixìn express mail letter
越。。。越。。。 yùe...yùe... the more...the more...
贴 貼 tiē to paste; to stick on
邮票 郵票 yóupìao postage stamp
重要 zhòngyào important
挂号 掛號 gùahào to register (verb)
挂 掛 gùa to hang
jiā to add
另外 lìngwài in addition
明信片 míngxìnpìan postcard
老是 lǎoshì always; invariably
首饰 shǒushi jewelry
新鲜 新鮮 xīnxiān fresh; novel
huā flower
shù bunch (of flowers)
服务 服務 fúwù service
订 訂 dìng to order
收到 shòudào to receive
这里 這裡 zhèlǐ here
存钱 存錢 cúnqían to deposit money
刚 剛 gāng just now
美元 měiyúan U.S. currency
支票 zhīpìao check
人民币 人民幣 rénmínbì Chinese currency
人民 rénmín the people
币 弊 currency
银行 銀行 yínháng bank
发 發 to send (email, texts, etc.); to emit
短信 duǎnxìn text message
邮件 郵件 yóujiàn email
Created by: Ouyanglise
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