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Lesson 17

GHS Chinese 3/4

tóng same; alike
学习 學習 xuéxí to study;to learn
参加 cānjiā to take part in
印象 yìn xiàng impression
chéng to become
yǎn to show (a film) to perform
huó to live to be alive
费 費 fèi to spend; to take (effort)
力气 力氣 lìqì strength
cái indicates that what is stated in the first clause is a necessary condition for the result or conclusion stated in the second clause
早就 zǎojiù long since; long ago; for a long time
别人 biérén other people
jiù just; only (indicating small number)
俩 倆 liǎ two (people)
后天 後天 hoù tiān day after tomorrow
一言为定 一言為定 yì yán wéi dìng It's a deal; it's a plan
记得 記得 jìde to remember
最后 最後 zuìhoù the last; final
想起来 想起來 xiǎng qǐlái to remember; to recall
号码 號碼 hàomǎ number
歌剧 歌劇 gējù opera
好好儿 好好兒 hǎohāor all out; to one's heart's content
庆祝 慶祝 qìngzhù celebrate (v)
打扫 打埽 dǎsǎo to clean up (v)
房子 fángzi house, apartment
整理 整理 zhěnglǐ to straighten up; put in order
房间 房間 fángjiān room
没关系 沒關係 méi guānxi it doesn't matter
白健明 白鍵明 bái jiànmíng Baì Jìanmíng (name)
纽约 紐約 niǔ yūe New York
旅行 lǚxíng travel
Created by: Ouyanglise
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