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Lesson 14

GHS Chinese 2

expresses surprise or dissatisfaction
日文 rìwén Japanese (language)
西边 西邊 xībīan west side
里面 lǐmiàn inside
一直 yìzhí straight
shàng (colloquial) to go
东 東 döng east (direction)
中国城 中國城 zhōnggúochéng Chinatown
中心 zhōngxīn center
中间 中間 zhōngjiān middle
书店 書店 shūdìan bookstore
从 從 cóng from
zhù to live
qián forward
běi north (direction)
单行道 單行道 dānxíngdào one-way street
nán south (direction)
yòu right (direction)
同路 tónglù to go the same way
哪里 哪裡 nǎlǐ where
地图 地圖 dìtú map
地方 dìfang place
场 場 chǎng field
zǔo left (direction)
wǎng towards
guǎi to turn
旁边 旁邊 pángbiān side
早知道 zǎozhīdào had known earlier
活动 活動 húodòng activity; to move about, exercise
离 離 away from (distance from)
红绿灯 紅綠燈 hónglǜdēng traffic light
西 west (direction)
路口 lùkǒu intersection
过 過 gùo to pass
过 過 gùo particle used after a verb to indicate past experience
运动 運動 yùndòng sports
jìn near
远 遠 yuân far
那么 那麼 nàme that
里头 裡頭 lǐtóu inside
闭着 閉著 bìzhe close
问路 問路 wènlù to ask for directions
Created by: Ouyanglise
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