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Lesson 12

GHS Chinese 2

桌子 zhuōzi table
饭馆 飯館 fànguǎn(r) restaurant
服务员 服務員 fúwùyuán waiter
盘 盤 pán plate
好像 hǎoxìang to seem
饺子 餃子 jiǎozi dumplings
点菜 點菜 diǎncài to order dishes
豆腐 dòufu tofu
位子 wèizi seat
ròu meat
wǎn bowl
酸辣汤 suānlàtāng hot and sour soup
fàng to put in
味精 wèijīng MSG
这些 這些 zhèxiē these
够 夠 gòu enough
饿 餓 è hungry
上菜 shàng cài to serve dishes
好吃 hǎochī delicious
师傅 師傅 shīfu master worker
中餐 zhōngcān Chinese food
西餐 xīcān Western food
糖醋鱼 糖醋魚 tángcùyú fish in sweet and sour sauce
tián sweet
极了 極了 jíle extremely
红烧 紅燒 hóngshāo to braise in soy sauce
牛肉 níuròu beef
卖完了 賣完了 màiwánle to be sold out
凉拌 涼拌 líangbàn cold and dressed with sauce
黄瓜 huánggua cucumber
两 兩 liǎng traditional Chinese unit of weight
米饭 米飯 mǐfàn cooked rice
Created by: Ouyanglise
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