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Lesson 9

GHS Chinese 2

买 買 mǎi to buy
东西 東西 dōngxi thing(s)
售货员 售貨員 shòuhùoyuán shop assistant, salesclerk
yào to want, to have a desire for
衣服 yīfu clothes
条 條 tiáo measure word for long, thin objects, clothes below the waist
jiàn m word for clothing (upper)
衬衫 櫬衫 chènshān shirt
huáng yellow
红 紅 hóng red
穿 chuān to wear, to put on
裤子 褲子 kùzi pants
zhōng medium
便宜 píanyi cheap
贵 貴 gùi expensive
颜色 顏色 yánsè color
付钱 付錢 fù qián to pay money
号 號 hào number
块 塊 kuài colloquial term for basic Chinese monetary unit
huàn to change
多少 duōshǎo how much
máo 1/10 of a kuai
一共 yígòng altogether
fēn 1/100 of a kuai
这儿 這兒 zhèr here
bǎi 100
咖啡色 kāfēisè brown
zhǎo to give change
一样 一樣 yíyàng the same, alike
双 雙 shuāng pair
xíe shoes
不用 búyòng need not
虽然 雖然 sūirán although
大小 dàxiǎo size
合适 合適 héshì suitable
hēi black
Created by: Ouyanglise
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