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kyles study guide

The__was not a direct result of the Industrial Revolution. overhunting of large mammals
In which country is the population likely to increase most rapidly? Kenya
Using scientific information from chemistry and bioology to devise a plan to clean up and make it healthy again describes enviromental science
____is a biodegradable material that becomes a pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rapidly than it can decompose. Newspapaer
Which country is most likely to either have a stabalized or slowly growing population? Canada
An ecological footprint is the amount of land and ocean area needed to support one person
Compared to developing nations, developed nations have greater personal wealth
A resident of ___ is likely to leave the largest ecological footprint the United States
The term "biodiversity" rfers to The number and variety of species living on earth
According to the law of supply and demand, what ould occur if the supply of oil declined and the demand remained the same? oil prices would increase
The classification and collection of data that are in the form of numbers is called statistics
The group that does not recieve experimental treatment in an experiment is the control group
The average mass of a wolf in a pack of wolves is an example mean
A model of a dinosaur is an example of a ___ model physical
The chance that an earthquake will occur in your town during the next year is an example of risk
Which step in the experimental method are scientists conducting when they photograph birds in flight? observing
Before you can make a decision using a decision-making model, what step must you take? explore consequences, consider values, and gather information
Curiosity and imagination are important in science because they are abilities in scientists that help expand our knowledge
What essential characteristic does a godd experiment have? a single variable is tested, and a control is used
In an experiment, the factor of interst is called the variable
How do the Himalaya Mountains form? colliding tectonic plates
What are wind and water erosion not likely to affect? tides
Which of the following are producers of oxygen? plants
The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere
The Richter scale best describes the magnitude of an earthquake
Which of the following is not one of the compositional layers of earth? mesophere
Which of the following is not a mechanism of energy transfer through or within Earths atmosphere? condensation
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