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environmental study guide

if you you visited a savanna youd likely see large herds of grazing animals such as rhinos, gazelles, and giraffes
estivating is ? buring in the ground
why is the worlds loss of biodiversity a sourse of concern? humans depend upon other organisms for food and oxygen.
resident of __ is likley to leave the largest ecological frootprint the US
a fault is a break in the earths crust
the most abundent gas in earths amosphere is nitrogen
trait unintentionally selected by humans resistance
archaebactirea and eubactiria are two kingdoms
single-celled organisms with cell walls but no nuclei are bacteria
horses and cattle are ___ because they eat only producers herbavoirs
which of the following plants is likely to be pioneer species shrub
the total quanity of dissolved salts in the ocean is salinity
the transfer of energy through space radiation
ozone is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms
change in the genetic characteristics in a population from one generation to the next evolution
single-celled organisms with no cell wallsbut no nuclei are bacteria
the place that contain everything an organsim needs is its habitat
athlets foot is a disease caused by fungi
animals that lack a backbone are called invertebrate
animals tht have a backbone vertebrate
Created by: gonzo