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Jonathan F.

Enviromental science Study Guide

Which country is most likely to have either a stablished or slowly growing Population? Canada
What are sunlight, air, forests, minerals, and water? Natural Resources
Why is the world's loss of biodiversity a concern? Humans depend upon other organisms for food and oxygen
What is a biodegradable material that becomes pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rapidly that it can decompose? Newspaper
According to the law of supply and demand, what would happen if the supply of oil declined and demand remained the same? Oil prices would increse
What is the introduction of harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment called? Pollution
When the last of a species died what is said to have occured? Extinction
Residents of what counries make up about 80 percent of the world's total population? Developing
What pollutant is harmful material that cannot be broken down by natural processes? Biodegradable
What is the main reason that species are being lost to extinction? Because they are being hunted more rapidly than they can reproduce
11.What is the classification and collection of Data that are in the form of numbers called? Statistics
12.The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in an experiment is? control group
13. What is the chance that an event will happen called? Probability
14.What is numeric information called? Data
15.In Statistics, what is the group of individuals used to represent the population called? Sample
16. Equations used to represent how a scientific process works are called? Mathematical
17.What is a Mathematical model? it's an equation that rep. how a process works
18.What is a graphical model? it's something that includes maps and charts
19.What are principles or standards we consider important known as? Values
20.What can explain an observation and predict what might happen in the future? Theory
21.what is the Ozone made up of? 3 oxygen atoms
22.How did the Himilaya Mountains form? colliding of tectonic plates
23.What do deep currents flow along? ocean floor
24.With repect to matter, Earth is mostly? a closed system
25.What is a volcano built out of? Magma
26.With respect to energy, Earth is (a)? Open system
27.What is the transfer of energy trought space? Radiation
28.What is the total quantity of dissolved water in the ocean called? salinity
29.What are the pieces that compose the lithosphere? Tectonic plates
30.What is the thin outer layer of earth known as? crust
31.What is evolution? change in the generic characteristics in a populalation from one generation to the next
Created by: johnny_62