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review Blake Gray

enviromental science

humans altered there habits during what period industrial,agricultural, and hunter gatherer
which countrys population is most likley to increase the fastest kenya
what product is biodegradable in small amounts newspapers
what is applied science that focuses on human acctivities called enviromental science
a polutant that cant be broken down by nature is what non-biodegradable
in what period did humans live in tribes hunter-gatherer period
whats three examples of renewable resorces air water soil
copper pertoleum and diamonds are what non renewable resorces
rapid population and poverty are characteristics of what nondeveloped contries
what is the group that does not recieve experimental treatment? control group
what is numeric information called collected from an experiment data
what is a group of individuals used to represent population called sample
the average mass of a wolf pack is an example of what? mean?
what is the classification and collection of data called? statistics
a model of a dinosaur is an example of what physical model
a chance that an event will happen is probabillity
what is the chance that an earthquake will occur in the next year risk
human leisure activities recreational
a volcano is a mountain built from what magma
deep current flow along what ocean floor
the ozone is located in what layer stratosphere
total quanity of salt in water is called salinity
what is the transfer of energy through space radiation
what does the richter scale describe magnitude
a fault is a break in the what earths crust
how did the himalaya mountains form colliding tectonic plates
the ozone is made up of what three oxygen atoms
what is a producer of oxygen plants
which invertabrates are small and can hide insects
what are considered lower plants ferns and mosses
prosses where characteristics of a population change because of humans artificial selection
trait that increases chance of survival adaptation
what is the living or once living factor of an ecosystem biotic
nonliving part of the ecosystem such as air and rocks abioti
animal with backbone vertabrate
athletes foot is caused by a what fungus
algae belong to what kingdom protist
what is the initial food sorce for all ecosystems plants
horses and cattle only eat plants and are called herbavoirs
a lion eats only meat and is called carniviore
organisms that eat only dead stuff are called what decomposers
what kind of natural selection could help a forest enviorment fire
what is the main gas in the atmosphere nitrogen
what organism is at the bottom of the food chain algae of plants
what is the term for the common feeding relationships in an ecosystem food web
what vegatation would you find oon a farm that has been abandonded for 150 years tall mature oak trees
on new islands formed by volcanos you are more that likley going to find what succsession primary
a prosses where sunlight is used to make energy photosynthisis
cutting down all the trees is the rain forest might affect what flooding
animals in the desert move around at night and are what nocturnal
what is an adaptaion of a desert animal eating at night
which of the following ecosystems is normally in warm costal areas chepperal
distance north or south on map latitude
what is estivating buring in the groung
what is tiaga forest biome
tropical rain forest is threated by deforestaion
Created by: blake_gray