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chpt 1 ,daniel.c

environmental study guide

what was not a direct result from the industrial revolution overhunting of large mammals
why is the worlds loss of biodiversity a source of concern humans depend on other organisms for food and oxygen
what is a biodegradable material that becomes a pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rapidly than it can decompose newspaper
compared to devoloping nations, developed nations have greater? personal wealth
the tern biodiversity refers to? the number and variety of species living in an area
sunlight, air, forests, minerals, and water are all what? natural resources
the introduction of harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment is called what? pollution
what is it called when thelast member of a species dies? extinction
a natural resource that can be replaced relatively quicly by natural processes are called? renewable
residents of what make up about 80% of the worlds population? Developing nations
the classification and collection of data that are in the form of numbers is called statistics
the group that does not receive the experimental treatment in an experiment control group
in an experiment the factor of interest is called? variable
the average mass of a wolf in a packof wolves is an example of? statistical population
a model of a dinosaur is an example of? physical
the chance something will happen is? probability
what is gathered in an experiment data
principals or standards we consider important are called valves
the first step in the decision-making model is to gather information
curiosity and imagination are important in science because they are? abilities in scientists that help expand our knowledge
how did the himalayan mountains form colliding tectonic plates
what are wind and water erosion not likely to affect? tides
which of the following are producers of oxygen plants
the ozone layer is located in the stratosphere
the richter scale best describes the? magnitude of an earthquake
which of the following is not one of the compositional layers of earth? mesosphere
the boundary between warm and cold water in an ocean or lake is called thermocline
a volcano is a mountain built from what magma
deep currents flow along the ocean floor
ozone is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms
change in a genetic characteristics in a population from one generation to another is evolution
process that causes the characteristics of a population to change in a way controlled by humans artificial selection
trait that increases an organisms chance of survival adaptation
trait unintentionally selected by humans resistance
process that causes the characteristics of a population to change with human control natural selection
which invertebrates are generally small allowing them to live on little food insects
natural selection is the unequal survival that results from the presence of or absence of particular traits
which of the kingdoms includes algae protists
the place that contains everything an organism needs is its habitat
which two kingdoms contain organisms that can use energy from the sun to make food protists and plants
what kind of natural disaster helps some forest communities by allowing some trees to release their seeds fire
what is a photosynthetic organism freshwater algae
consumers are organisms that get solar or other energy indirectly
which kind of consumers only get energy from producers herbivores
where would an ecologists be least likely to go study primary succession the amazon rainforest
what term is used to refer the many feeding relationships that are possible in an ecosystem food web
what type of vegetation would you expect to find on an abandoned farm that has remained undisturbed for 150 years tall mature oak trees
which of the following plants would be considered a pioneer species shrub
what does not contain carbon from dead bodies of plants and animals phosphate salts
which gas makes up 78% of our atmosphere nitrogen
the main factor that determines what type of plants grow in a biome is temperature and precipitation
tropical rainforests are threatened by deforestation and trade of rain forest plants and animals
if you visited a savannah you would most likely see large herds of grazing animals
which biome is located primarily in coastal areas that have mediterranean style climates with warm dry summers chaparal
the deforestation of rainforests may cause climate changes and cause flooding
the tundra has a layer of frozen topsoil
biomes are usually described by their plants and animals
the distance north and south of the equator is measured in degrees called latitude
animals that live in the desert are usually nocturnal
what is estivating burying in the ground
deserts are often found on the dry side of a mountain
Created by: papa dan