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Medical Terms

Chaffey College Medical Terminology Course

Added at the end of a word to change the meaning of the word or to create a new word Suffix
Made up of more than one word component, though it is treated as a single word part Compound suffix
What is the order in which to define terms Suffix comes first, then the prefix and then the root or combining form comes last
-algesia suffix, condition of pain
-ase suffix, enzyme
-ate suffix, use or action
-blast suffix, immature cell, germ cell
-cide suffix, to kill
-crit suffix, to seperate
-cuspid suffix, point
-cyst suffix, bladder or sac
-cyte suffix, cell
-drome suffix, that which runs together
-gen suffix, formation or produce
-gensis suffix, formation or produce
-ive suffix, nature or or quality of
-liter suffix, liter
-logy suffix, study of
-lymph suffix, clear fluid or serum or pale fluid
-or suffix, one who or a doer
-phil suffix, attraction
-stasis suffix, control or stop or stand still
-therapy suffix, treatment
-thermy suffix, heat
-um suffix, tissue or structure
-uria suffix, urination or condition of urine
-ac suffix, pertaining to
-al suffix, pertaining to
-ar suffix, pertaining to
-ary suffix, pertaining to
-ic suffix, pertaining to
-ile suffix, pertaining to
-ior suffix, pertaining to
-ose suffix, pertaining to
-ous suffix, pertaining to
-tic suffix, pertaining to
-us suffix, pertaining to
-y suffix, pertaining to or condition
-esis suffix, condition
-ia suffix, condition
-iatry suffix, treatment
-ician suffix, specialist
-ism suffix, condition
-ist suffix, specialist
-osis suffix, condition
-icle suffix, small or minute
-ole suffix, small or minute
-ula suffix, small or minute
-ule suffix, small or minute
-algia suffix, pain or ache
-asthenia suffix, weakness
-betes suffix, to go
-cele suffix, hemia or tumor swelling
-cusis suffix, hearing
-derma suffix, skin
-dynia suffix, pain or ache
-estasis suffix, dilation or distention
-edema suffix, swelling
-emesis suffix, vomiting
-ion suffix, process
-itis suffix, inflammation
-kinesis suffix, motion
-lepsy suffix, seizure
-lexia suffix, diction or word or phrase
-malacia suffix, softening
-mania suffix, madness
-megaly suffix, enlargement or large
-mnesia suffix, memory
-noia suffix, mind
-oid suffix, resemble
-oma suffix, tumor
-opia suffix, sight or vision
-oxia suffix, oxygen
-pathy suffix, disease or emotion
-penia suffix, deficiency
-pepsia suffix, to digest
-phagia suffix, to eat or to swallow
-phasia suffix, to speak or speech
-phobia suffix, fear
-plasia suffix, formation or produce
-plasm suffix, a thing formed or plasma
-plegia suffix, paralysis or stroke
-pnea suffix, breathing
-ptosis suffix, drooping or prolapse or sagging
-ptysis suffix, spitting or coughing up
-rrhage suffix, bursting forth
-rrhea suffix, flow or discharge
-rrhexis suffix, rupture
-spasm suffix, tension or spasm or contraction
-trophy suffix, nourishment or development
-centesis suffix, surgical puncture
-clasis suffix, a break
-desis suffix, binding
-ectomy suffix, surgical excision or surgical removal or resection
-gram suffix, a weight or mark or record
-graph suffix, instrument for recording
-graphy suffix, recording
-ize suffix, to make or to treat or combine with
-lysis suffix, destruction or separation or breakdown or loosening
-meter suffix, instrument or to measure or measure
-metry suffix, measurement
-opsy suffix, to view
-pexy suffix, surgical fixation
-pheresis suffix, remove
-plasty suffix, surgical repair
-rrhaphy suffix, suture
-scope suffix, instrument for examining
-scopy suffix, visual examination or to view or examine
-stomy suffix, new opening
-tome suffix, instrument to cut
-tripsy suffix, crushing
Added to the beginning of a word to change the meaning of the word or to create a new word Prefix
a- or an- prefix, no or without or lack of
anti- or contra- prefix, against
auto- prefix, self
brachy- prefix, short
brady- prefix, slow
cac- or mal- prefix, bad
dia- prefix, through or between
dys- prefix, bad or difficult or painful or abnormal
eu- prefix, good or normal
ex- or exo- prefix, out or away from
hetero- prefix, different
homeo- prefix, similar or same
hydro- prefix, water
micro- prefix, small
oligo- prefix, scanty or little
pan- prefix, all
pseudo- prefix, false
sym- or syn- prefix, together or with
ad- prefix, toward or near
bi- prefix, two or double
de- prefix, down or away from
dif- or dis- prefix, apart or free from
ec- or ecto- prefix, out or outside
end- or endo- prefix, within or inner
ep- or epi- prefix, upon or over
hyper- prefix, above or beyond
mega- prefix, large or great
meta- prefix, beyond or over
para- prefix, beside or alongisde
poly- prefix, many or much
post- prefix, after or behind
pre- or pro- prefix, before or in font of
super- prefix, upper or above
supra- prefix, above or beyond
ab- prefix, away from
ana- prefix, up or apart
ante- prefix, before or forward
cata- prefix, down
circum- or peri- prefix, around
endo- prefix, within or inner
epi- prefix, upon or above
extra- prefix, outside or beyond
hypo- prefix, below or under
inter- prefix, between
meso- prefix, middle
retro- prefix, backward
sub- prefix, below or under
ambi- prefix, both
bin- prefix, two or double
centi- prefix, one hundreth
deca- prefix, ten
milli- prefix, one thousandth
mono- prefix, one
multi- prefix, many or much
nulli- prefix, none
poly- prefix, many
primi- prefix, first
quadri- prefix, four
semi- or hemi- prefix, half
tri- prefix, three
uni- prefix, one
A process of scraping away from a surface Abrasion
To induce a loss of feeling or sensation with the administration of an anesthetic agent Anesthetize
Unequal in size or shape Asymmetrical
Pertaining to two sides Bilateral
Resembles a female Gynecoid
Nature of quality Hyperactive
Underdevelopment of a tissue, organ or body Hypoplasia
A process whereby a disease-producing microorganism invades the body Infection
The condition of being unable to sleep Insomnia
Pertaining to within a vein Intravenous
Lying hidden, quiet, not active Intravenous
Space within an artery vein, intestine or tube Lumen
To use the hands or fingers to examine by touch Palpate
Wide open or freely open Patent
Pertaining to the pericardium Pericardial
A condition in which there is more than normal number of fingers and toes Polydactyly
Pertaining to before the discharge of menses Premenstrual
Any one of a large group of substances that are chemically related to sterols Steroid
Infection following a previous infection produced by an overgrowth of resistant bacteria Superinfection
Physical injury caused by an external force Trauma
Expected resiliency of the skin caused by outward pressure of the cells and interstitial fluid Turgor
Abnormal state in which a person is unaware of his or her environment Unconscious
act/o combining form, acting or act
cardi/o combining form, heart
dactyl/o combining form, fingers or toes
gynec/o combining form, female
later/o combining form, side
somn/o combining form, sleep
ven/o combining form, vein
comat word root, a deep sleep
consci word root, aware
esthet word root, feeling or sensation
infect word root, to infect
menstru word root, to discharge the menses
palp word root, touch
ras word root, to scrape off
ster word root, solid
symmetric word root, symmetry
turg word root, swelling
bi/o combining form, life
chem/o combining form, chemical
cis/o combining form, to cut
eti/o combining form, cause
kil/o combining form, a thousand
macr/o combining form, large
malign/o combining form, bad kind
necr/o combining form, death
organ/o combining form, organ
onc/o combining form, tumor
path/o combining form, disease
pyr/o combining form, heat or fire
radi/o combining form, ray or x-ray
therm/o combining form, hot or heat
adhes word root, stuck to
axill word root, armpit
dem word root, people
format word root, shaping
gen, gene word root, formation or produce
infect word root, to infect
maxim word root, greatest
minim word root, least
morbid word root, sick
mortal word root, human being
norm word root, rule
palm word root, palm
prophylact word root, guarding
pyret word root, fever
scop word root, to examine
sept word root, putrefaction
tuss word root, cough
adip/o combining form, fat
andr/o combining form, man
anter/o combining form, toward the front
bi/o combining form, life
caud/o combining form, tall
cyt/o combining form, cell
dist/o combining form, backward
filtrat/o combining form, to strain through
fus/o combining form, to pour
hist/o combining form, tissue
hydr/o combining form, water
infer/o combining form, below
inguin/o combining form, groin
kary/o combining form, cell's nucleaus
later/o combining form, side
medi/o combining form, toward the middle
organ/o combining form, organ
path/o combining form, disease
physi/o combining form, nature
phen/o combining form, to show
poster/o combining form, behind
proxim/o combining form, near the point of region
somat/o combining form, body
system/o combining form, composite or whole
troph/o combining form, nourishment or development
ventr/o combining form, near or on the belly side of the body
viscer/o combining form, body organs
horizont word root, horizon
intern word root, within
topic word root, place
acr/o combining form, extremity
aden/o combining form, gland
albin/o combining form, white
ang/i combining form, vessel
carcin/o combining form, cancer
caus/o combining form, burn or burning
cellul/o combining form, little cell
cutane/o combining form, skin
derm/a or derm/o or dermat/o combining form, skin
erythr/o combining form, red
follicul/o combining form, little bag
hidr/o combining form, sweat
icter/o combining form, jaundice
integument/o combining form, a covering
jaund/o combining form, yellow
kel/o combining form, tumor
kerat/o combining form, horn
leuk/o combining form, white
melan/o combining form/ black
myc/o combining form/ fungus
onych/o combining form/ nail
pachy/o combining form/ thick
pedicul/o combining form, a louse
plak/o combining form, plate
prurit/o combining form, itching
rhytid/o combining form, wrinkle
scler/o combining form, hard or hardening
seb/o combining form, oil
trich/o combining form, hair
ungu/o combining form, nail
vuls/o combining form, to pull
xanth/o combining form, yellow
xer/o combining form, dry
actin word root, ray or light
chym word root, juice
chord word root, cord
coriat word root, corium
cubit word root, to lie
log word root, study
lopec word root, fox manage
milliar word root, millet or tiny
pannicul word root, fat cells
tel word root, end or distant
acetabul/o combining forms, acetabulum
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