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Greek Alphabet/Soun

Alphabet and Sound

α Α alpha ἄλφα a father (when short, as in aha)
β Β beta βῆτα b big bite
γ Γ gamma γάμμα g, n God, ankle (never soft, as in gym)
δ Δ delta δέλτα d door
ε Ε epsilon ἒψιλόν e met
ζ Ζ zeta ζῆτα z, dz zeal, kudzu
η Η eta ἦτα ē obey
θ Θ theta θῆτα th thing
ι Ι iota ἰῶτα i pit, police
κ Κ kappa κάππα k keep
λ Λ lambda λάμβδα l law
μ Μ mu μῦ m mother
ν Ν nu νῦ n number
ξ Ξ xi ξῖ x fox
ο Ο omicron ὂμικρόν o not
π Π pi πῖ p poor
ρ Ρ rho ῥῶ r, rh rod (technically a trilled r)
σ, ς Σ sigma σίγμα s save
τ Τ tau ταῦ t time
υ Υ upsilon ὖ ψιλόν u, y French u or German ü
φ Φ phi φῖ ph phone
χ Χ chi χῖ ch German ich
ψ Ψ psi ψῖ ps tipsy
ω Ω omega ὦμέγα ō vote
αι (Dipthong) ai as in aisle
ει (Dipthong) ei as in neighbor
οι (Dipthong) oi as in oil
υι (Dipthong) uee as in queen
αυ (Dipthong) ow as in cow
ου (Dipthong) oo as in food
ευ ηυ (Dipthong) like the eu in (French) fleur or the ö in (German) schön; equivalent to eh + oo fused into one syllable
᾿ (Breathing Mark) When placed above a vowel (or before a capital vowel), this mark indicates smooth breathing—i.e., “no sound” (e.g., ἀ = ah).
Ϝ, ϝ digamma δίγαμμα (Archaic) W, w w as in wine
Ϙ, ϙ koppa ϙόππα (Archaic) Q, q k as in kale
(Breathing Mark) When placed above a vowel (or before a capital vowel), this mark indicates rough breathing—i.e., an h sound (e.g., ἁ = ha)
¨ (Diaeresis) When placed above the second of two vowels, this mark indicates that the two vowels should be pronounced separately rather than as a single diphthong (e.g., οι = oi, but οϊ = o-ee).
Iota Subscript When placed below a vowel, this iota does not change the pronunciation but is important for determining meaning (ᾳ = ah; ῳ = oh).
΄ (Accent) acute; treat as a stress accent (e.g., καλός).
(Accent) grave; treat as a stress accent (e.g., καὶ καλός).
(Accent) circumflex; treat as a stress accent (e.g., βῆτα).
, / . / “ ” (Punctuation) Commas, periods, and quotation marks are used in Greek as in English.
; (Punctuation) What looks like a semicolon at the end of a sentence is a question(?) mark in Greek.
· (Punctuation) One dot above the line is a colon(:) in Greek.
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