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ERBC BM Set#34 (11)

ἀγαλλιάω I exalt
ἀγορά, ἡ a market-place
ἅλυσις, ἡ a chain
ἀναστρέφω I return; I live
ἀπιστία, ἡ unbelief
ἀρχαῖος, -α, -ον old, ancient
ἄφρων, -ον foolish
βρῶσις, ἡ eating, food, rust
γέμω I fill
δάκρυ, δάκρθον, τό a tear
διαμερίζω I divide, distribute
δόλος, ὁ guile
δωρεά, ἡ a gift
ἐάω I permit
εἴδωλον, τό an image, idol
εἴκοσι twenty
εἰσάγω I lead in
ἐκχύννομαι I pour out
ἔλαιον, τό olive-oil
ἐλευθερία, ἡ liberty
ἐμβλέπω I look at
ἐνδείκνυμαι I show forth
ἔπαινος, ὁ praise
ἐπαισχύνομαι I am ashamed
ἐπισκέπτομαι I visit, have a care for
ζηλόω I am zealous
ζῳοποιέω I make alive
θανατόω I put to death
θάπτω I bury
κακία, ἡ malice, evil
καταβολή, ἡ a foundation
κατασκευάζω I prepare
κάτω down, below
καύχημα, τό a boasting, ground of boasting
καύχησις, ἡ boasting
κέρας, τό horn
κλἀδος, ὁ a branch
κλῆρος, ὁ a lot
κλῆσις, ἡ a (divine) call, invitation, summons
κλητός, -ή, -όν called
κράβαττος, ὁ a mattress, pallet, bed
λίμνη, ἡ a lake
μεταβαίνω I depart
νεανίσκος, ὁ a youth
νόσος, ἡ a disease
ὁμοθυμαδόν with one accord
ὀνειδίζω I reproach
παράγω I pass by, pass away; I arrive
παραλύτικος, ὁ a paralytic
παρεμβολή, ἡ a camp, army, fortress
περισσοτέρως more abundantly
πηγή, ἡ a spring, fountain
ποιμαίνω I shepherd, rule
πράγμα, τό a deed, matter, thing
πραΰτης, ἡ gentleness, humility, courtesy
πρότερος, -α, -ον former; as an adverb: before
πυνθάνομαι I inquire
σάκπιγξ, ἡ a trumpet
σπλάγχνα, τά bowels; heart, tender mercies, compassion
σπουδάζω I hasten, am eager
σφόδρα exceedingly
σχίζω I split
τελευτάω I die
τριάκοντα thirty (indecl.)
ὑμέτερος, -α, -ον your
ὑπαντάω I meet, go to meet
ὑποκάτω under, below, down at
ὕστηρον later, afterwards
φυτεύω I plant
φωτίζω I give light, enlighten
χείρων, -ον worse, more severe
χίλιοι, -αι, -α a thousand
χιτών, ὁ a tunic
χρἀομαι I use
χρυσός, ὁ gold
ψεθδοπροφήτης, ὁ a false prophet
Created by: ERBC



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