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ERBC BM Set#33 (12)

ἄδικός, -ον unjust
ἀλέκτωρ, ὁ a cock
ἀναπαύω I refresh: middle: I take rest
ἀναπίπτω I recline
ἀπαρνέομαι I deny
ἀσκός, ὁ a (leather) bottle, wineskin
αὐλή, ἡ a court
βαπτιστής, ὁ baptist
βασανίζω I torment
βῆμα, τό judgment seat
βροντή, ἡ thunder
γέεννα, ἡ gehenna
γόνυ, τό a knee
δεῦτε come!
διάνοια, ἡ the mind, understanding, a thought
δίκτυον, τό a net
ἔθος, τό a custom
ἐξάγω I lead out
ἐξουθενέω I despise
ἔσωθεν from within, within
καίω I burn
κἀκεῖ and here
κάλαμος, ὁ a reed
κατάκειμαι I lie down, lie sick, recline (at meals)
κολλάομαι I join, cleave to
κομίζω I receive
κράτος, τό power, dominion
λίαν greatly
λιμός, ὁ hunger, famine
λυχνία, ἡ a lampstand
μάλιστα especially
ὀδούς, ὁ a tooth
οἰκοδεσπότης, ὁ a householder
ὅραμα, τό a vision
ὄρια, τά boundaries
παραιτέομαι I make excuse, refuse
πιάζω I take
πληθύνω I multiply
πλουτέω I am rich
πόρνη, ἡ a prostitute
πρόθεσις, ἡ a setting forth; a purpose
προσλαμβάνω I receive
πρωΐ in the morning, early
πῶλος, ὁ a colt
ῥάβδος, ἡ a staff, rod
σαλπίζω I sound a trumpet
σπλαγχνίζομαι I have compassion
σπουδή, ἡ haste, diligence
στήκω I stand, stand fast
συνέχω I hold fast, oppress
ταχύ quickly
τρίς thrice
τυγχάνω I obtain, happen
ὑγιαίνω I am in good health
ὑγιής, -ές whole, healthy
ὑψηλός, -ή, -όν high
φιάλη, ἡ a cup, bowl
φονεύω I kill, murder
χοῖρος, ὁ a pig
ψεύδομαι I lie
Created by: ERBC



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