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ERBC BM Set#32 (13)

ἀνά with acc.: upwards, up; with numerals: each; ajna; mevson: into the midst, among
ἀναγγέλλω I announce, report
ἀναλαμβάνω I take up
ἀναστροφή, ἡ conduct
ἄνωθεν from above, again
ἁρπάζω I seize
βοάω I cry alound
βουλή, ἡ counsel, purpose
δαιμονίζομαι I am demon-possessed (demonize)
διαλέγομαι I dispute
διαφέρω I differ
δράκων, ὁ a dragon
εἶτα then
ἐκπλήσσομαι I am astonished, amazed
ἐλεημοσύνη, ἡ alms
ἐμπαίζω I mock
ἕξ six
ἐξαποστέλλω I send forth
ἔξωθεν with gen.: from without
ἐπιζητέω I seek for
ἐπιπίπτω I fall upon
ζύμη, ἡ leaven
θερισμός, ὁ harvest
θύω I sacrifice, kill
καπνός, ὁ smoke
καταισχύνω I put to shame
κατακαίω I burn up
καταντάω I come to
καταρτίζω I mend, fit, perfect
κλέπτω I steal
παιδεὐω I teach, chastise
παιδίσκη, ἡ a maid-servant
παράδοσις, ἡ a tradition
πρίν before
πὠς at all, somehow, in any way
συνεργός, ὁ a fellow worker
τίμος, -α, -ον precious, honourable
τρόπος, ὁ manner, way
τύπτω I smite
ὕψιστος, -η, -ον highest
φύσις, ἡ nature
χρυσίον, τό gold
χωρίζω I separate, depart
Created by: ERBC
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