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Nutrition Notes

The basic 5 food groups are: Meat group, Milk group, Fruit group, Vegetable group, Bread and cereal group
What are the number of servings for the food groups? Meat group = 2-3, Milk group = 2-3, Fruit group = 2-4, Vegetable group = 3-5, Bread and cereal group = 6-11
Meat group foods are: Hamburger, fish, eggs, turkey, chicken, beans
Milk group foods are: milk, cheese, yogurt
Fruit group foods are: Bananas, grapes, apples
Vegetables group foods are: Lettuce, carrots, onions, potatos
Bread and cereal group foods are: rice, pasta bread, cereal, crackers
The foods in the 6th food group contain: Oils and sweets
Examples of the 6th food goupe are: chips, cake, candy, cookies
_____,______ and ______ are the nutrients that give the body energy. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins
________ are anything healthy for the body hat the body can use. Nutrients
There are 2 types o carbohydrates: Sugars and starches
Some foods have _______ and nutrients and are healthy for the body. (Fruits) Natural sugars
Some foods are sweetened like _______ and ______ and are not as healthy. cereal and candy
Starches are foods like ______, ______, _______ and _______. bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.
Examples of 2 types of carbohydrates are: cereal, fruits, rice pasta and potatoes
Carbohydrates give the body ______. energy
______ is also an energy giving nutrient. Fat
Examples of fats are: meats, nuts, cheese, milk, and butter.
Too much ________ is unhealthy. fat
Foods that are high in fat are: chocolate cheese and butter.
_________ are one of the energy giving nutrients. Proteins
__________ help build muscles and keep your skin and hair healthy. Proteins
Examples of proteins that build muscle are: milk, beans, fish, eggs and meat
_______, _________ and _________ are the three non energy giving nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and water
__________ of our body is made up of water. Two thirds
______________and ______________ are used to help other nutrients work in the body. Vitamins and minerals
______________ are important in a balance diet. Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks should be low in fat and calories but high in ____________. nutrients
______________ are high in sugar and not enough nutrients. Unhealthy snacks
_____________________ is harmful to our teeth. Too much sugars
Examples of healthy snacks are: fruits and vegetables
Examples of unhealthy snacks are: candy
Created by: jfouchi