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Law Review Baseball

Enforceable rules of conduct in a society Laws
Laws grouped into an organized form Code
Law based on the current standards or customs of the people Common Law
The entity that has the power to decide a case has _________ Jurisdiction
Law made when constitutions are adopted or amended, or when courts interpret constitutions Constitutional Law
Governmental bodies created by federal, state, and local legislature to carry out particular laws Administrative Agencies
What a law is when it conflicts with a constitution Unconstitutional
Determining what is right or wrong in a reasoned, impartial manner Ethics
A group of laws that redress wrongs against individual persons Civil Law
An offense against society Crime
Laws governing the citizens' right to live in peace Criminal Law
Laws that apply to business situations and trasactions Business Law
The first ten Amendments to the constitution are called _______ Bill of Rights
A state law can still be valid if it conflicts with the federal Constitution. True or False? False
Businesses are not governed by criminal law. True or False? False
Laws do not have to be alike state to state. True or False? True
What is the penalty in a civil case? Money or Injunction
Name two possible penalties in a criminal case Fine to government; Jail, Community Service, Death
The person who is accused of a crime in a criminal case is called the __________ Defendant
A person can win a criminal case and lose a civil case regarding the same incident. True or False? True
A traffic accident can be both a civil and a criminal act. True or False? True
The police are always involved in civil matters. True or False? False
An ordinance does not have to be constitutional to be valid. True or False? False
If in a criminal trial you are found to have committed the crime, you are said to be __________. Guilty
The final document that provides a framework for the federal government. U.S. Constitution
Created by: naalonz
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