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装在箱子里的强盗.2-English meaning match

于是 Then
主意 Idea
想到 Think
警察 Policeman
故意 On purpose
慌张 Panic
抓来 Caught
抓伤 Scratch
抓住 Catch
带来 Bring
大炮 Cannon
一门… One(Subject)
大门 Main door
吓坏 Scared
不怕死 Not afraid to die
要死啦 Dying
笨强盗 Stupid robber
这些 Those
笑出声 Laugh out
别哭 Don’t cry
别怕 Don’t be scare
这样 Such
找不到 Couldn’t find it
赶紧 Hurry up
爬进 Climb into
挤死了 Too crowd
很挤 Very crowd
怎么 How
一下子 All of a sudden
变小 Become smaller
痛苦 Suffering
不是 Is not
吃太多 Eat too much
用力 Try harder
盖上 Close
然后 Then
后天 The day after tomorrow
办法 Idea
好办 Easy to handle
响声 Sound
门把 Doorknob
门后 Behind the door
好吃 Delicious
故事 Story
变多 Become more
事故 Accident
变成 Become
关门 Close door
好笑 Funny
用心 Attentively
主人 The host
把关 Check
关心 Care



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