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Calvert Exam


The ____was not a direct result of the Industrial Revolution. Overhunting of large animals
In which country is the population likely to be increasing most rapidly? Kenya
Why is the world's loss of biodiversity a source of concern? Humans depend upon other organisms for food and oxygen.
The Tradegy of the Commons describes the conflict between Individuals and society
Sunlight,air,forest,minerals,and water are all natural resources
The introduction of harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment is called pollution
Copper ore, petroleum, and diamonds are all nonrewnable
Residents of developed countries consume____percent of the world's resources. 20
When the last member of a species dies, ____is said to have occured. extinction
A_____pollutant is harmful material that cannot be broken down by natural processes. biodegradable
High fossil fuel consumption,low population growth rates, and high life expectancy are all characteristics of ____countries deveolped
In an experiment, the factor of interest is called the variable
The classification and collection of data that are in the form of numbers is called Statistics
A model of a dinosaur is an example of a ____model. Physical
The average mass of a wolf in a pack of wolves is an example of mean
The chance that an earthquake will occur in your town during the next year is an example of risk
The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in an experiment is the control group
The first in the decision making model is to gather information
The chance that an event will happen is known as probability
Principles or standards we consider important are known as values
In statistics, the group of individuals used to represent the population is called the sample
Ozone is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms
The most abundent gas in Earths atmospere is nitrogen
a fault is a break in the earths crust
How did the Himalaya Mountains form colliding tectonic plates
The boundary between warm and cold water in an ocean or lake is thermocline
Deep curents flow along the ocean floor
Earth is mostly a closed system
The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere
A volcano is a mountain built from magma
The transfer of energy through space is radiation
Change in the genetic characterisitics in a population from one generation to the next evolution
Trait unintentionally selected by humans resistance
Process that causes the characteristics of a population to change without human control Natural selection
Trait that increases an organisms chance of survival adaption
process that causes the characteristics of a population to change in a way controlled by humans artificial selection
Natural selection is the unequal survival that results from the presence or absence of particular traits
The place that contains everything an organism needs is its habitat
A desert ecosystem contains air, living things, and sand
Single-celled organisms with cell walls but no nuclei are bacteria
which two kingdoms contain organisms that can use ebergy from the sun to make food protists and plants
Created by: Blb172010