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exam review

exam review for science

which of the following is not one of the compositional layers of Earth? mesosphere
ozone is a molecule made up of? 3 oxogen atoms
the most abondant gas in Earth's atmosphere nitrogen
the boundry between warm and cold water is an ocean or lake is
Valcanoes occur at tectonic plate boundaries that are colliding & separating from one another
the richter scale best describes the magnitude of an earthquake
a volcano is a mountain built from magma
what kind of natural disaster helps some forest communties by allowing some trees to release their seeds, by clearing away deadwood, and by encouraging new growth fire
is freshwater algae a photosynthetic organism yes
consumers are organisms that get solar energy inderectly
organism that that obtains energy from producers herbivores
where would an ecologist be least likely to go to study primary seccession the Amazon rain forest
what term is used to refer to the main feeding relationship that are possible in a n ecosystem food web
which plant is likely to be a pioner species shrub
what type of seccession occurs after a natural process such as a volcanic eruption or flud secondary succession
which gas makes up 78% of our atmosphere but can be used by plants only when transformed by bacteria first nitrogen
Created by: john kee