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exam review

A fault is a break in the Earth's? crust
Ozone is a molecule made up of? 3 oxygen atoms
The boundary between warm and cold water in an ocean or lake is? thermocline
a volcano is a mountain bulit from? magma
which of the following are producers of oxygen? plants
What essential characteristics does a good experiment have? a single variable is tested and a contol is used
the first step in the decision-making model is to? gather information
What kind of natural disaster helpls some commumities by allowing some trees to release their seeds, by clearing away deadwood, and by encouraging new growth? fire
what kind of organism obtains energy only from prodducers? herbivores
where would an ecologist be least likely to go to study primary succession? the Amazon Rain forest
what term is used to refer to the many feeding relationships that are possible in an ecosystem food web
which orgainism is likely to be in the bottom trophic level of a food chain? alage
which gas makes up 78% of our atmosphere but can be used by plants only when transformed by bacteria first? nitrogen
what type of succession occurs after a natural process such as a volcanic eruption or flood? secondary succession
which of the following does not contain carbon from the bodies of plants and animals that died millions of years ago? phosphate salts
whcich of the following plants is likely to be pioneer species? shrubs
which of the following statements is correct? consumers get their energy directly from the sun
deserts are often formed on the dry side of mountain ranges
animals that live in the desert are usually nocturnal
taiga is..... a forst biome dominated by coniferous trees, such as pine, fir, and spruce
many angiosperms depend on animals for pollination their flowers and distributing their seeds
change in the genetic characteristics in a population from one generation to the next is natural selection
which of the following is an abiotic factor in an ecosystem? water
which of the following best describes a population? member of the same species living in the same place at the same time.
the place that contains everything an organism needs is its habitat
a desert ecosystem contain? air, land, living things, and sand.
which two kingdoms contain organisms that can use energy from the sun to make food protists and plants
the initial souce of food in most oceans and freshwater ecosystem is phyplanton
animals that lack backbones are called? invertibrates
athlete's foot is a disease caused by fungi
Created by: jakins.2010