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exam study

the____ was not direct result of the idustril revolution. overhunting of the large mammals
in which county is the population likely to be increasing most rapidly kenya
using scientific information from chemistry and biololgy to clean up a lake and make it healthy again describe environmental science
____ is a biodegradable meterial that becomesa pollutant if allowed to accumilae more rapidly than it can decompose newspaper
according to the law of supply and demand what would occur if the supply of oil declined and the demand remanined the same ol price will increase
in an ecological footprint is the amount of land nand ocean area nedded to support one person
in an experiment the facter of interist is called the varaible
curiosity and imaganation are important in science because they are abilities in scientists that healp expand our knowledge
the classification and collection of data that are in the form of numbers is called statistics
which step in the experimental method are scientists conductiong when they photograph dirds in flight observing
a model of a dinmosaur is an example of a _____ model physical
before you can make a decision using a decision-making modle what stepes must you take explore the consequences of each opinion
how did himalya mountains form colliding tectonic plates
which of the following are producers oof oxygen plants
the richter scale best describes the magnitude of an erthquake
which of the following is not one of the compositional layers of erth mesosphere
which of the following is not a mechanism of energy transfer through or within erth's atmosphere condensation
deep currents flow along the ocean floor
change in the gebetic characteristics in a popilation from one generationto the next evolution
process that causes the characteristics of a population to change in a way controlled by humanes adaptation
process that causes the characterictices of a population to change without human control natural selection
which invertebrates are generally smal allowing them to lie on little food and to hide from ememies insects
which of the following are vertebrates frogs
a desert ecosystem contains air living things sand
what kind of natural disaster helps some forest communitiesby alloming some trees to release their seeds by cleraring away deadwood and by encouraging new growth fire
which of the following are photosynthetic organisms freshwater algae
consumers are organisms that get solar or other energy indirectly
which kind of organisms obtains energy only from producers herdivores
what term is used to refer to the many feeding relationship that are possible in an ecosystem food web
what type of vegitation would you expect to find on an abandoned farm has remained undisturded for 150 yeas tallmature oaktrees
if you visitede you would likely see largherds of grazing animales such as rhinos gazelles and giraffes
animals that live in the desert are usually nocturnal
desert are often formed on the dry side of mountain range
the tundra has a layer of soil that is permanently frozenbeneath the top soil
taiga is a forest biome dominationed by coniferous trees such as pine fir and spruce
biomes are usually described by thier vegetation
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