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Exam revies

___ is a biodegradeable material that becomes a pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rappidly than it can decompose. Newspaper.
All of the following issues involve environmental sciecnce except what? asking people questions about the various resources.
According to the law of supply and demand, what would occur if the supply of oil declined and the demand remaind the same? Oil princes would increase.
An ecological foorprinst is the__? Ammoun of land and ocean area needed to suppost one person.
Which of the followig is a developing nation? Ethiopia.
Most of todays environmental problems begad during which period(s) in human history? Industrial Revolution.
The term "biodiversity" refers to ___? THe number and variety of species that live in an area.
When the last member of a species dies, ____ is said to have occured. Extinction.
High fossil fuel consumption, low pepulation groth rates, and high life expectancy are all known as a(n) _____? Renewable pollutanr
Three major categories of environmental problems are: loss of biodiversity, pollution, and ____? Animal Depletion.
Created by: SamanthaYoung