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emma antaillia

exam review

which country is most likely to have either a stabilized or slowly growing population? canada
what is a biodegradible material that becomes a pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rapidly than is can decompose? newspaper
during the ____ periods humans altered their habitats. hunter-gatherer, agri. revolution, and industrial revolution
in which country is the population likely to be inceasing most rapidly? kenya
according to the law of supplyand demand what would occur if the supply of oil declined and the demand remained the same? oil prices would increase
which of the following is a developing nation? ethiopia
compared to developing nations developed nations have? greater personal wealth
the term biodiversity refers to the numbe and variety of species that live in an area
sunlight, air, forests, minerals, and water are all____ natural resources
the introduction of harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment is called_____ pollution
the chance that an earthquake will occur is? risk
what essential characteristic does a good experiment have? a single varible is tested and a control is used
numeric information called____is gathered in an experiment. data
what is the mainteance of human communities, their values , and their traditions cultural value
a ___ can explain an odservation and predict what might happen in the future theory
principles or standards we consider important are known as? values
a model od a dinosaur is an example of a ____ model physical
the first step in decision making is? to gather information
what is a testable explanation for an observation? hypothesis
what includes maps and charts a graphical model
a fault is a break in the earth's? crust
deep currents flow along the___ ocean floor
ozone is a molecule made up of? 3 oxygen atoms
what are the pieces that compose the lithosphere? tectonic plates
the transfere of energy through space is? radiation
with respect to matter earth is mostly? a closed system
small streams and rivers that flow into larger ones are called? tributaries
the richter scale is used to measure the amount of energy released by an? earthquake
the part of the earth that contains the air we breath is called the? atmosphere
which of the following are producers of oxygen? plants
trait unintentionally selected by humans resistance
trait that increases an organism's chance of survival adaptation
many angiosperms depend on animals for pollinating their flowers and distrbuting their seeds
which of the following are vertabrates? clams, frogs, worms, or insects frogs
what is considered a lower plant ferns and mosses
the place that contains everything and organism needs is its habitat
archaebacteria and eubacteria are two kingdoms
single-celled organisms with cell walls but no nuclei are bacteria
a collie is a breed of dog that exists because of artifical selection
algae are a type of organism in the kingdom of protist
the initial source of food in most ocean and freshwater ecosystems is algea
which organism is likely to be in the bottom trophic level of a food chain algae
which gas makes up 78% of our atmosphere nitrogen
what is likely to be a pioneer species shrub
what term is used to refer to the main feeding relationships that are possible in an ecosystem food web
which kind of organism obtains energy only from producers herbivores
a process in which energy from the sun is used to make sugar molecules is called photosynthesis
organisms that break down dead organisms for their food decomposers
a lion is a carnivore
the first organisms to colonize any newly avabile are are known as pioneer species
name a photosynthetic organism freshwater algae
if you visited a savanna you would likely see large herds of grazing animals
deforestation of the rainforests may cause climate changes which in turn may affect flooding
desert are often formed on the dry side of mountain ranges
the main factor that determines what type of plants grow in a biome temperature and percipitation
biomes... are usually described by their vegitation
a___biome has annual rainfall of less than 25 cm desert
the frozen layer of soil just beneath the surface permafrost
why are tropical rainforest being destroyed agriculture
animals such as bison and badgers live on the North American grasslands
a _____ biome recieves 200 to 450 cm of rain per year tropical rainforest
Created by: emmabug