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Flex SOL Review

Vocabulary You Should Study for the SOL

The gathering of information by using the senses. Observation
An organized process used to gather observations and test a hypothesis. Experiment
A possible answer to a stated problem. Hypothesis
The condition you change on purpose. independent variable
The condition that changes in response to the variable that you intentionally change. dependent variable
Something you can depend on to happen again and again. reliability
Unchanged conditions constants
Helps people to see data graph
Used to show percentages of a whole circle graph
Shows data of different groups or categories bar graphs
Used to summarize or compare data. Shows the frequency of data. There is no space between sets of data. histogram
Used to show data in order to explain cause and effect relationships. line graphs
Dots on a vertical axis(y) that show the dependent variable and the horizontal axis (x) that show the independent variable. scatterplots
The official name of the metric system. International System of Units
Measurement that shows length. meter (m)
Measurement that shows mass. gram (g)
Measurement that shows volume. Liter (L)
Measurement that shows weight. Newton (N)
Measurement that shows temperature. Celsius
Created by: lindadrumheller