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Geo Quiz 12-08-09

China’s Population 1.3 billion
What are the 6 East Asian Countries? Mogolia, Taiwan, North and south Korea, Japan and China
What % East Asia’s land does China cover? 80%
Where are the 2 bustling parts on China’s Southern coast that were once European colonies? Hong Kong and Macao
How does physical geo make it difficult to form in Japan and Taiwan? Very mountainous
What new agricultural policy did Chinese Communist Government adopt in 1980’s and how well is it working? Encouraged smaller farms, jointly run by households Farmers could sell and profit from extra crops or animals
What is most of Mongolia’s land used for? Grazing herds of sheep, goats and cattle
Define communes and how well did they Large farming communities whose members shared work and products equally
What Chinese city was leased to the British and for how long? Hong Kong for 99 years
Dry sandy desert in Western China Taklimakan
This sea carries 1/3 of the worlds shipping traffic South China Sea
Name an East Asian country that is an archipelago containing many islands Japan
Japan’s four largest islands in order from North to South 1) Hokkaido 2) Honshu 3) Shikoku 4) Kyushu
Most Japanese cities are located on its largest island named... Honshu
Area of Pacific Rim known for frequent violent catastrophic events. Ring of FIre
Most islands in Ring of Fire were formed by... Volcanic activity
Tsunami Huge tidal wave
What chinese city was once ruled by Portugal? Macao
Treeless windswept desert that stretches across Mongolia and parts of China Gobi
During the mid to late 1900s which 3 East Asian countries developed democratic governments, prospered under market economies, and became global economic powers Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
Which East Asian Country is least developed economically North Korea
Which country has the most rural economy and what % of its workers are farmers? China, 50%
What area of China can you find the himalayas and what does it separate? SW, separates China from South Asia
What is Japan's highest mountain and where is it located? Mt. Fuji, Honshu
What is the worlds highest mountain and where is it located? Mt. Everest, in Himalayas, in the city of Nepal
What new agricultural policy did chinese communist government adopt in 1980s and how is it working? Encouraged smaller farms jointly run by households. farmers could sell and profit from extra crops or animals. they can now grow enough food to feed the country
Worlds largest Plateau sometimes called "roof of the world" Plateau of Tibet (Xi Zang)
Rich soil and water from yellow river make this plain a rich wheat growing area North China Plain
Name the Northern most of Chinas major rivers. And why is it called this? Huang He, loess
Loess yellowish-brown top soil
What's the longest river in Asia? Yangtze (chang jiang)
Name China's 3 major rivers, what is another name for each? Yellow- Huange He Yangtze- Chang Jiang Xi- West
What is the source of China's major rivers and in which direction do they flow? Plateau of Tibet, eastward
What provides energy and where does it come from? Hydroelectric power, rivers
Why is the Huang He called "China's Sorrow"? Flooding large area killing thousands of people
These 3 East asian countries have many short swift-flowing rivers Japan, North and South Korea
What is the worlds largest artificial waterway and where is it located? Grand Canal, China
Currently under construction along the Yangtze river is what dam? Three Gorges
East Asian country that has the most abundant supplies of natural resources China
What % of Chinas land is suitable for farming? 10%
Which East Asian country is the leading producer for rice? China
Important food source for East Asian island nations and coastal areas Sea
China is the ________ largest country in land area. 4th
Yurt Tent-like structure for nomad's shelter, portable
Why are monsoons necessary to life in Asia? Help rice grow brings rain to crops
What is bamboo, and where is it found? Tree-like grass, warmer areas
Bamboo is the only food source for which 2 of East Asia's rare animals Giant Panda and Red Panda
2 native plants other than bamboo found in East Asia Mulberry tree and tea tree
This tree is a food source for silkworms Mulberry tree
East Asia's _________ serve densely populated urban centers as transport routes Rivers
Fertile soil in river basins is used for ________? Farming
These 2 East Asian deserts are often cold and wind Gobi Taklimakan
Chinese island covered mostly by lush tropical rainforest. Hainan
2 important East Asian crops were 1st grown from wild vegetation rice and soybeans
Bonsai Dwarfed trees
Wat is the population of the East Asian Region and what percent of worlds total population is it? 1.5 billion 25%
92% of people in China belong to this nationality. The other 8% belong to about _________ different ethnic groups who live mostly in _______ and _______ china. Han 55 Western and Northern
Taiwans major nationality Chinese
Homogeneous Having a population belonging to the same ethnic groups
These 4 East Asian nations are considered to be primarily homogeneous Mongolia, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea
Why is the population in East Asia so unevenly distributed? B/c much of East Asia is mountainous
Where are the most heavily populated areas of East Asia? Coastal areas on fertile valleys along rivers
More than 90% of chinese live on only __________ of the land. Most live in the ________a dn plains of chinese 3 ________. 1/6 fertile valley rivers
China's population is scarcest in these 3 areas of the country West
In Taiwan, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, mountains limit where people can live; therefore most live in cities along ____________. The coast
Which East Asian country is most sparsely populated Mongolia
Do most Koreans live in urban or rural areas? Urban
What area of china is the most prosperous? South East
Do most Chinese people live in urban or rural areas? Rural
The most populated island in Japan is ________. Honshu
Name the East Asian city that is currently the world's most populated urban area qith more than 26 million people. Tokyo
Japanese have adapted to the crowded conditions by creating an efficent ______________, with _____________. Transportation system, bullet trains
Created by: ashley.mcfeeley