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Using Latin Bk3 p.53

First Oration Against Catiline: Patience has a Limit p.53

usque (adv.) all the way, even to, even, as far as, continually
abutor, -uti, -usus sum to use up, exhaust; to abuse, take advantage of
iste, -a, -ud (rem. pron. & adj in 2nd person) of such a sort; that of yours
eludo, -ere, -lusi, -lusum to elude, avoid, cheat, deceive, delude, mock
quem ad finem (phr.) to what limit
effrenatus, -a, um (adj.) unbridled, unrestrained
jacto, -are, -avi, -atum to throw, hurl; to toss about; to discuss, debate
se jactare (phr.) to vaunt oneself, exhibit pride
vultus, -us (m) expression, countenance, look, features, face
concursus, -us (m) a running together; collision; an encounter; a throng
os, oris (n) mouth, opening; face
pateo, -ere, -ui, -- to be open, stand open, extend; to be exposed
scientia, -ae (f) knowledge, science, skill
conjuratio, -onis (f) conspiracy, plot; league, confederacy
egeo, -ere, -ui, -- to need, be in need of, lack, want, be needy
quid (inter. adv.) why? for what reason?
proximus, -a, -um (adj.) nearest, next, very near; the following
furo, -ere, --, -- to rave, rage, be mad/furious
arbitror, -ari, -atus sum to judge, think, believe, suppose
ignoro, -are, -avi, -atum to not know, be ignorant of; to overlook, disregard
immo (adv.) nay, on the contrary
immo vero [phr.] more than that
caedes, -is (f) cutting; slaughter, bloodshed
pridem (adv.) long ago, long since
jam pridem [phr.] long ago, long since
mediocriter (adv.) in a moderate degree, moderately, slightly
praetereo, -ire, -ii.ivi, -itum to pass by; to surpass; to pass over, omit
nimis (adv.) too much, excessively, beyond measure
quondam (adv.) formerly, once, at one time; sometimes, at times
hac (adv.) here, by this way, on this side
coerceo, -ere, -ui, -itum to keep together, surround; to restrain, check, curb
acer, acris, acre (adj.) sharp; harsh, severe; spirited, bold, eager
supplicium, -i (n) the act of kneeling, prayer; punishment, execution
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