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Geography final p1

What is the world's biggest natural structure formed by living things? Great Barrier Reef
Which South American lake is the continent's largest? Lake Maracaibo
What is the world's largest canyon? Grand Canyon
What is the world's largest desert? Sahara Desert
What is the world's highest waterfall? Angel Falls
What is the world's largest island? Greenland
What's the world's longest river? Nile River
What is the world's largest freshwater lake in area? Lake Superior
What mountain range is considered the "Backbone of North America?" Rocky Mountains
What is the wide mouth where the ocean tide meets a river current called? estuary
What seaway is the world's largest inland seaway? St. Lawrence Seaway
What canal of North America provides passage for ships traveling between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans? The Panama Canal
What is the longest mountain range on land? Andes Mountains
What religion do the majority of South Americans practice? Roman Catholicism
What is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere? Mt. Aconcagua
What country has more livestock than any other country in the world? India
What is the world's highest navigable freshwater lake? Lake Titicaca
Francisco Pizarro conquered the Inca Indians of ? Peru
What country produces more emeralds than any other country? Columbia
Where is Sao Paulo, South America's largest city in population? Brazil
Who is remembered for leading Venezuela and several other South American countries to independence from Spain? Simon Bolivar
What is the official language of Brazil? Portuguese
What country is known as the "granary of the South?" Argentina
The Galapagos islands belong to which nation? Ecuador
What separates South America from the Antarctica? Drake Passage
Afrikaners are dutch inhabitants of ? South Africa
Both Jews and Muslims consider what city a holy city? Jerusalem
What is Canada's French Province? Quebec
About 1/4 of ? is polder that was taken from the sea by using dikes, dams, and windmills from the land. The Netherlands
A gold rush 1851 caused the population of what country to increase by nearly 200%? Australia
Which country became the western hemisphere's first communist dictatorship? Cuba
Which African country was settled by freed slaves? Liberia
What is the only Asian country where a majority of the people practice Roman Catholicism? The Philippines
Created by: Muddee
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