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KR Vocab: Weather

Korean weather vocabulary

날씨 Weather
기온 Temperature
공기 Air
바람 Wind
이슬비 Drizzle
눈바람 Blizzard
폭염 Heat Wave
장마 Rainy Season
가뭄 Drought
기후변화 Climate Change
번개 Lightning
천둥 Thunder
소나기 Rain Shower
태풍 Typhoon
단풍 changing of the color of leaves in autumn
낙엽 Falling Leaves
황사 yellow dust that comes in the spring in Korea
하늘 Sky
구름 Cloud
일교차 the difference in temperature within a day
산불 wild fire (mountain fire)
자외선 UV rays
자외선 차단제 sun screen
내복 long johns/long underwear
우산 Umbrella
비옷 Rain Coat
겉옷 Outer Clothes
해변 Beach
기후 Climate
에어컨 Air Conditioner
난방 Heating
치다 (verb) for lightning to strike
쌓이다 (verb) to be piled up
오다 (weather) (verb) for rain/snow to come
내리다 (verb) for rain/snow to fall down
피다 (verb) for a flower to bloom
지다 (verb) for the sun to set
뜨다 (verb) for the sun to rise
불다 (verb) for the wind to blow
틀다 (verb) to turn on (an air conditioner, heater)
끄다 (verb) to turn off
덥다 (adj) to be hot
춥다 (adj) to be cold
건조하다 (adj) to be dry
따뜻하다 (adj) to be warm
습하다 (adj) to be humid
맑다 (adj) to be clear
쌀쌀하다 (adj) to be chilly
서늘하다 (adj) to be cool
여름 Summer
겨울 Winter
가을 Fall
영하 Below Zero
영상 Above Zero
안개 Fog
폭풍 Storm
우박 Hail
홍수 Flood
Created by: kmhutto