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Oral Medications

Automated Medication Dispensing System on unit device used to store and release frequently used medications, controlled and emergency drugs.
Barcode Medication Administration System point of care software that verifies that the name of the medication, administration time, dosage, drug form, and client for whom the drug is prescribed are accurate by scanning a barcode on the drug and id band on the client.
Computerized Provider Order System method in which physicians can provide medical orders using a computer when unable to provide them verbally.
Continuous Release form of drug designed to dissolve slowly and released over time; also called extended release.
Controlled Substances drugs whose prescription and dispensing are regulated by federal law because they have the potential for abuse.
Dose amount of drug.
Drug Diversion obtaining a drug through illicit methods such as theft from a person for whom the drug has been prescribed, "doctor shopping" purchase from illegal internet pharmacies, etc.
Enteric-Coated Tablets tablet covered with a substance that does not dissolve until it is past the stomach.
Extended Release form of drug designed to dissolve slowly and be released over time; also called continuous release.
Generic Name chemical drug name that is not protected by a manufacturer's trademark.
Individual Supply single container of drugs with several days worth of doses.
Medication Administration Record agency form used to document drug administration.
Medication Order directions for administering a drug.
Medications chemicals substances that change body function.
Opioids narcotic drugs; synthetic narcotics.
Oral Route drug administration by swallowing or instillation through an enteral tube.
Created by: Jessica Venyke
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