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Bowel Elimination


Describe the process of defecation. occurs when peristalsis moves fecal waste toward the rectum and the rectum distends, creating an urge to relax the anal sphincters and release stool.
Name two components of a bowel elimination assessment. elimination patterns and stool characteristics.
List five common alternations in bowel elimination. constipation, fecal impaction, flatulence, diarrhea, and fecal incontinence.
Name four types of constipation. primary, secondary, iatrogenic constipation and pseudoconstipation.
Identify measures within the scope of nursing practice for treating constipation. retention enemas, prescribed laxatives, encouraged fluid intake, instruct about high fiber foods. see page 741 in textbook.
Identify two interventions that promote bowel elimination when it does not occur naturally. inserting a rectal suppository or administering an enema can promote defecation.
Name two categories of enema administration. cleansing and oil retention.
List at least three common solutions used in a cleansing enema. tap water, normal saline, and soap and water.
Explain the purpose of an oil retention enema. to lubricate and soften dry stool.
Name four nursing activities involved in ostomy care. providing peristomal care, applying an ostomy appliance, draining a continent ileostomy, and irrigating a colostomy.
Created by: Jessica Venyke